31 July 2017


A chain restaurant from the foreign country that serves Thai food has arrived in Indonesia! Though the owner is actually from Malaysia. It's called Boat Noodle and located at Gandaria City's Main Street Dining, across of BCA!

This is actually pretty famous for their super cheap boat noodle, for a bowl of noodle only costs IDR 8.500! Yes, we're not kidding you! The portion is small tho, maybe only 2-3 bites..lol! Which is why people would usually order a few bowls at once, it's also so that the bowls can be stacked!

To order, you'll need to write on the paper provided on each table. What you need to write however is not the name of the menu but the code, don't worry about that, the waiter will happily explain it to you! Last time I came, the service is just awesome, super fast and always with a smile!

At first I thought this would be spinach, since that's what Popeye eats but it's actually water spinach..hmm. Well, it's fried, so it's bound to be good! The batter was a bit thick that you don't feel like eating a vegetable..lol! Too bad it's too oily!

This is the dipping sauce! Be careful, it's a bit spicy. There's garlic, shallot, chicken, and peanuts in this. I find this quite unique and is that coconut milk I taste there?

Here's the IDR 8.500 noodle bowl we talked about before! There are 2 choices of noodles; egg or rice noodle, with 2 soup base; Pathumtani (dark soy sauce), which is the darker in color one, or Ayutthaya (creamy dark broth herbs and spices), which you can clearly see as the creamier one! For the meat, also 2 choices; beef or chicken. For any meat you choose, there will be meatballs and meat slices!

I find the soup to taste too much of a coconut milk. It's literally the only thing I could taste but for the toppings and noodle, it's definitely on point!

I prefer this one for the soup. Maybe because it's more familiar, as it taste like our usual meatball soup with added soy sauce. Not that unique but safe, the toppings are also perfect. By the way, the rice noodle here is like a wide noodle but made of rice!

For the egg noodle, texture is definitely more familiar, though it's not as chewy. Both noodles are pretty similar, though I prefer this one! Soup and toppings are the same.

If we have similar taste than my recommendation would be the Pathumtani Beef with egg noodles!


Now this is a must-have!! Though the steamed bread is not super soft but it's just the right amount of soft. You have to stir the sangkaya first, so that everything will be mixed well. But the most important thing of all, you need to eat it while it's warm! Cause once it's cold, the bread won't be as soft!

Fyi, they also sell Thai Tea and whatnot from the Chill Chill here but it's still a coming soon menu when I came! Hopefully it's out now!

And that's about it from Boat Noodle Indonesia. I personally find the flavors pretty familiar and suits our taste. Oh and I also got the Coconut Ice Blend actually, the taste of coconut is pretty strong, so those who like coconut just have to try it!

Boat Noodle
Gandaria City
Main Street Dining, UG floor
Jl. Sultan Iskandar Muda
Gandaria, Jakarta

Opening Hours :
Everyday : 10:00 am - 10:00 pm


  1. Jakarta restaurants are best for giving the peerless service.All their foods are so amazing and delicious.You can get an idea after watching all these pictures.Thank you very much for sharing.keep posting