31 July 2017


This is a place that would be very familiar if you often visit Kemang. A place that has been there for 9 years, it's Ecology! Though it's a pretty old place, they've just finished renovated last May. They've changed their concept into more of a bistro now. Fyi, they've used to open from dusk to dawn but now, they only open 'till midnight!

Honestly though, I've never seen how they were before but when I updated this new one on my Instastory, a lot commented on how they've become so beautiful now!

Now I'm actually just gonna show you how this place have changed and not really talk much about their food..as I only ordered their drinks..lol! Deeply sorry guys..anyways! Starting from the front, I personally find it cool! Looks eco friendly, don't you think so?

This area is a whole different room where you have to go through a glass door. Don't really know if it's a VIP room or something but I totally love the calm vibe!

Aside from that private room, here's the whole look of the bistro. On the left you'll see a piano, maybe they have a live music on weekends. The middle there is the bar and the right is where the sofa tables are!

My favorite spot!! I just find the layout here to be very pretty, even the colors are gorgeous! The only down side is the parking lot background..lol!

Sofa area, also pretty! Colors and layout, on point!

Just love the ambiance a tad bit too much!! Nice job Ecology!!

Jl. Kemang Raya No. 6
Kemang, Jakarta

Opening Hours :
Everyday : 03:00 pm - 11:00 pm

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  1. I have to say I absolutely loved going to these venues in NYC the other night. The people that work there were trying to create an optimal dinner experience while making your choices their priority. I would definitely recommend this venue for any kind of fancy event.