28 July 2017


Okay, I admit, Indonesia is super good in terms of plagiarism..lol! Once they see 1 business doing amazing, I bet there will be similar business appearing, not just one but a few! Don't really know if you can call this creative or cunning! Well, there's no doubt that when people ask you about fish and chips in Jakarta, the answer would mostly be Fish n Co., right? Later on, because Fish n Co. is considered pricey, Fish Streat was born and has become very popular because of the cheap price, it even has 6 branches now! Wow, right?

Now, there's another fish and chips in town, called Fish & Cheap. Yes, from the name it's obviously meant to be a cheaper version of it's neighbor and it successfully got some people curious, including me! :p

Exact location is at Royal Mediterranean's shop houses, so from Central Park's tunnel (that has Llao Llao), go up the escalator, turn right and there it is! If we don't make sense, you can find it through GPS. It's also in line with that new coffee shop, Sudoet Tjerita!

Place isn't that big, nor small and there's an outdoor and indoor as well. Though the indoor is a bit stuffy, since the AC isn't that cool. Opening issues maybe?

Here's the menu! They also have a platter, yellow rice, and even burger! For ordering, you'll have to order and pay at the cashier, find a seat and then the food will be delivered to your table. I've heard a lot say that the food took a long time till it's served, up to 40 minutes or so but mine came out pretty fast. Maybe because there's not many customers? Well, just keep that in mind!

Well, my first impression of this; 'is this what I ordered?' I don't think sambal matah looks like that and I was right..it tasted like chili and onion, isn't it supposed to be shallot? It definitely boggled my mind..lol!

This fish is not fried with a crispy outer but just fried without any batter. Oh, and they said the fish they use is dory by the way.

This one is better. Plus the fish is battered, so it has a crispy outer and the aglio olio is also okay. Not too oily with a fair amount of flavor. What I do find odd here is the chili cause it tasted sweet like sambal terasi, err...okay? I don't find it suitable tho..

This consists of calamari, dory skin, fried shrimp, and salad. I love fried foods and I think it's very hard to make fried foods taste bad but this....the calamari is very tough and tasteless, the dory skin is also hard to chew, which is supposed to be crispy, the only savior is the shrimp, which is pretty big and you'll get 2 pots of it!

Oh well, maybe this is because they're still in trials and errors, since they've just opened? I hope they get better and more stable soon. Good luck!

Fish & Cheap
Ruko Garden Shopping Arcade
Blok B No. 08 BJ-BH
Jl. Tanjung Duren Raya
Tanjung Duren, Jakarta

Opening Hours :
Everyday : 10:00 am - 10:00 pm