28 July 2017


So we finally got the chance to try this hits Indonesian restaurant that we've been seeing around social medias, it's KAUM everybody! Actually we're not really someone who'd search for Indonesian food when it comes to high end places. We're more like 'Indonesian foods are best when it's traditionally made' kind of people, so if we're looking for a good Indonesian comfort food, we'd usually just go to a small shop or even those small stands!

Well, anyways, back to our topic! KAUM here is located at Menteng and you can easily find it on your GPS, so no worries!

One thing we first noticed about this place is that how it just looks like a luxurious house, which we both find very pretty! It's also located in a small alley making it seem more like a house than a restaurant and the pastel color is just way too pretty!

Entrance is right at the middle here! This is also where their outdoor tables are at with all those greens decorating the place. Rejuvenating your body and soul, doesn't it?

Upon entering, you'll be welcomed by the greeter/receptionist here..lol! Looks like a receptionist, doesn't it? The greeter will then call the waiter to escort you to your table. Fancy!

The greeter area is in the middle, whereas you can either go left or right to the dining area. The left side is more private than the right one. It's also more bright, family oriented, and homey, where a table will have a minimum of 5 seats!

Now on the right side here is where we sat. It's the fancier and creative side, it's also bigger here where the seating's more varied. Personally, I thought this room looked somewhat like a hangar with all those pipes decorating the ceiling. Does anyone feel the same?

What catches our eyes here is these human-less marching band! Yes, it actually plays music! Don't really know the schedule but when we fortunately got a chance to see it! It was around dinner time, so maybe around 6-7 PM?

In the far end, you can also see an open kitchen and a bar on the other end!

At first glance of the menu, we really have no clue of what to get. There's a few dish that we often see people get on Instagram, so we went with those but other than that we just listened to whatever the waiter offered! xD

Fresh tuna marinated in coconut oil, calamari juice & fresh belimbi, served with kenari nuts & ginseng leaves.

This is one of the dish that we neither saw on Instagram nor was recommended but just got us hooked. We're definitely glad we got this as it has a very fresh flavor and serves as a great appetizer. It's also one of the only menus we find satisfying!

Shallot, lemongrass, torch ginger, red bird's eye chilli & coconut oil salsa.

As a great Indonesian restaurant, where the people love any type of sambal, they also have various kinds of sambal that you can order! We got our favorite Sambal Matah and didn't find anything wrong with it other than the price and portion..lol!

Pan-fried chicken topped with toasted spicy coconut flakes, fried garlic slivers, fried curry leaves, fried oyster mushrooms & red chillies.

Nothing can really go wrong with well cooked chicken with flakes and some crunch. The taste is filled with spices. Look might be an interpretation of the name but the taste is pretty good!

Grilled fish fillet marinated with tamarind water & turmeric paste, served with spicy fruit & vegetables salsa.

This is a pretty simple dish. It's literally just grilled fish with sambal dabu dabu. I'm not a fan of dabu dabu and the fish taste very plain unless you use any dipping. I personally like to dip it into the satay's sauce, the one with soy sauce and chopped chili..lol!

Chargrilled Wagyu beef satay marinated with ginger, garlic, lesser galangal & crushed pepper.

Here's what we were very looking forward to! Yes, it's a wagyu satay and the first dish we ordered with confidence. Guess we put too much expectation into it cause this is definitely very ordinary! It doesn't feel like you're eating wagyu. Not bad, just plain and because of the expectation, we were kinda disappointed!

Mud cake served with sticky black rice porridge.

Didn't really expect anything from the dessert as it's not really something that interest us. These 2 are what we thought was the most different. Never had sticky black rice porridge served with a mud cake before! It's surprisingly a good combination with the porridge being sweet and mud cake a bit salty. A very nice comfort food!

We didn't know how to eat it, so we just wing it!

Coconut bread & fermented cassava pudding served with caramel sauce.

It's the first time I had Klappertaart that is not served in a pie tin! This is actually very good, mostly because of the caramel sauce and I love how the fermented cassava is not painstakingly strong. It's just a subtle hint of sour and balanced out with a wonderfully sweet caramel! Yum!

There's one dish that we also saw a lot on Instagram and that's their Lidah Bakar Sambal Tangkil! It was unavailable when we came and it's no longer in the menu because it has become a seasonal menu now, so be sure to always ask if it's available when you visit if you want to order it!

It's somewhat a pity as this is from potato head group and yet we were not blown away by it. Maybe it's because they're Indonesian food, so it's kinda hard to make it unique. The foods are all pretty ordinary, though the service is superb and interior's amazing as well!

KAUM Jakarta
Jl. DR. Kusuma Atmaja No. 77-79
Menteng, Jakarta Pusat 10310

Opening Hours :
Monday - Thursday : 06:00 pm - 12:00 am
Friday - Saturday : 06:00 pm - 02:00 am
Sunday : 06:00 pm - 10:00 pm


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