28 July 2017


Back to nature!! Yeah! This time it's a more reachable location and wallet friendly! Only IDR 15K for entrance fee (which will become a meal coupon anyways!). The name is Tafso Barn and it's just in Bandung, Punclut area. It's about 30 minutes from Pasteur (without traffic jam) and I went there at 9 AM because any later and you'll be stuck in traffic, especially since the road is pretty small and not a one way. The morning  I went there, the road is still pretty clear, I guess it's also because it's still Lebaran, where they also open earlier!

It's located right beside Lereng Anteng, even the parking lot is the same. To the left is Lereng Anteng and to the right is Tafso Barn. Both are restaurants, though Tafso Barn is a newer place!

Actually the place is more of a scenery than a restaurant. We recommend coming here early, so you can probably have the whole scenery to yourself..lol! Cause after 10 AM this place would be swarmed by people!

Fyi, this is all taken by my phone, since my camera's lens is a bit zoomed (for I need it to take food photos) and my phone's camera is a wide lens, which is good for scenery!

You can either sit on the tent or just the ordinary seat in the restaurant. It could get a bit hot at the tent in the afternoon tho!

It's also a great spot for families, since the road is not hard to walk on, though there are some stairs and just pray that it won't rain..lol!

Now, time to enjoy the view! :D

Ta-dah!! This is the main spot here! People usually came here to just take a picture on this bridge. Be warned that it's only for 3 people max!

Other than those, they also have a mini golf but you need to pay for it!

My favorite spot! I just love the view here! If you choose this table, you can eat while looking down to the whole scenery!

Every random snap will turn out beautiful in this place! Amazing! You definitely have to visit this spot if you went to Bandung!

Tafso Barn
Jl. Baru Laksana No. 75
Pagermaneuh, Dago Punclut
Lembang, Bandung

Opening Hours :
Monday - Friday : 09:00 am- 09:00 pm
Saturday : 08:00 am -10:00 pm
Sunday : 08:00 am - 09:30 pm

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