29 August 2017


New gelato in Jakarta!! Yeah! Located at Gandaria City, right across XXI, it's Figaro Gelato! We found this from Instagram and what interest us is their Pear gelato with pretty edible flower but unfortunately it was not available when we came.. *cry*

The shop is a bit small with only 3 tables. Usually people will just grab and go, since even the table is a bit too stuffy. It's a bit too bad that the available flavors when we came is not that interesting. All pretty standard and nothing really catches our eyes.

The sizes are Piccolo (1 flavor) IDR 25K, Grande (2 flavors) IDR 35K, and Mamma Mie (3 flavors) IDR 45K. Cone is also available but only for 1 flavor IDR 35K.

I went with the Butter Cookies flavor cause it looks the most limited, so I thought it was a favorite but turns out it tasted just like butter..no!

Next, I got the Wild Berries as it's the most exact as the name said..yes, the other are pretty off from the name!

Of course I got the cone and I wanted to get 2 flavors, so that it's more photogenic but it's not allowed..lol! This one below is the Irish Baileys flavor but it tasted more like Rum Raisin..fail. It's still good, just wrong name selection!

Here's the Mamma Mia with 3 flavors, which I got the Baileys, Wild Berries, and Mango. Unfortunately, all 3 flavors have different texture. The Baileys' texture is a typical gelato texture, the Mango is too soft, and the Summer Wild Berries is too coarse with most suitable name..lol!

Figaro Gelato
Gandaria City
2nd Floor
Jl. Sultan Iskandar Muda
Gandaria, Jakarta

Opening Hours :
Everyday : 09:00 am - 05:00 pm


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