29 August 2017


Anybody knows what Omakase is? Here's a fun fact, Omakase is a Japanese word for when you give the chef freedom to make anything for you with a certain price range, so you're in for a surprise. Yes, you won't know what you'll get, the chef will bring out a small portion of food, somewhat bite sized, one by one. Now Senju here has that type of system if you're interested, though if you don't, they still have the usual and teppanyaki too. Of course what they offer is Japanese cuisine and located at Plaza Indonesia, right above PAUL bakery!

Now, this bar is where the usual Omakase customers are seated, since usually the chef will prepare the food right in front of you to see with a hint of attraction. They also have sake here, so you can enjoy some good alcohol while being entertained by the Omakase!

Owh and if I remember correctly, they only open right on lunch and dinner time. I guess it's typical for an authentic Japanese restaurant. Kinda unique, since they're in a mall!

Here are the ordinary tables, not that many though as the place isn't that big and half of it is also used for teppanyaki.

A sneak peek of today's menu and this is just for a menu tasting, so the portion is way smaller. Also, I don't know the price but the taste is good, so I guess it'll be worth it!

Man, the name is super complicated! Lol! Presentation's so cute, using this tea pot and inside that lid with lime on top is the actual lid, so the one with lime is not a lid but the bowl instead! How to eat; pour the soup to the bowl, grab the mushroom with a chopstick and savor the taste!

It's made into aburi by using a heated long iron and just swipe it on the salmon, understand what I'm saying? Lol! If not you can just see from the photo below. Pretty cool, usually it's just torched, right?

After the aburi process, they top it with a piece of foie gras and heat it up again, so it melts in your mouth. And there you have it, the heavenly Salmon Belly Aburi Foie Gras Sushi!

Next is this plate of minis! There are 3 dish here; Mixed Rolled Spicy Sauce, Beef Sukiyaki Aburi Sushi, and Salmon Belly from the salmon before!

The Mixed Rolled Spicy Sauce is just amazing! So it's scallop rolled in nori with mushroom and topped with spicy sauce, it's the best! I thought the best in this plate would be the salmon and then the beef aburi but turns out the Salmon Foie Gras definitely lost to this roll, so just imagine how good this one is!

Wonder why there's a cherry there..hmm.

Remember, this is for the menu tasting, so it's like only 3 bites sized..lol! It's good tho, the unagi and rice are mixed well and I guess there's some shredded unagi in there. The wasabi here is pretty strong tho, so be careful with it!

For the teppanyaki, they have another separated room!

This is a US Prime Sirloin!! Beautiful, isn't it?

For this one, I don't really know how the portioning works and this is cooked like this for the food tasting.

Made into medium well and personally I think this is okay. Not that extraordinary, I guess I've tried too many meat in a lifetime..lol! xD

Again, this is a tasting portion. The actual portion would be bigger and I think the sauce is just ordinary but since it's a quality meat, it just can't be bad!

For the dessert, I don't know what it's called but it's cotton candy with green tea ice cream cake inside and poured with liquor!

Flambeed and the cotton candy magically disappeared..lol! #badjokes

Here's the inside! I guess it's not purely ice cream, there's meringue too. The flavor is very unfamiliar to the point where I can't decide whether it's good or not..lol! Worth the try guys!

Senju Omakase & Sake
Plaza Indonesia
3rd Floor #119
Jl. M. H. Thamrin No. 28-30
Jakarta Pusat 10350

Opening Hours :
Everyday :
Lunch : 11:00 am - 03:00 pm
Dinner : 06:00 pm - 11:00 pm


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