27 August 2017


Tobak here is located in Senopati. It's not a new restaurant actually but I'm just in the mood for it and went here with some people so that I can try more things, since Korean restaurants usually have a pretty big portion. I'm pretty confused as to why this place is not that crowded even though the food is good, too authentic maybe? Fyi, just an unimportant info, I saw Sandy Aulia here..lol!

And...as always, we start with some Banchan!!

This is the typical octopus with Korea's red sauce on a hot stone. Be sure to stir it well right away! I find the octopus to be very tender and pleasing, yet the sauce is somehow bitter. I was thinking that it would've been sweet and sour like the usual Korean sauces but I guess it's totally far from my expectation..lol!

Okay..this is the most expensive japchae I've ever tasted! Well, not that there's anything cheap when it comes to Korean foods. At least it tastes great and totally different then the usual cheaper ones. I can't really elaborate what's different but there's definitely a special seasoning that is just lovely for my taste buds!

Yes, my favorite Korean dish! It's literally boiled pork, which is a must have for me. Though there's a lot of fat in this too, it actually has flavor unlike the plain ones I had at HanYang. You need to try dipping this into sesame oil, salt, and pepper, it's the best!

Had to split this with 6 others...nooo! :'(

This is a pot stew which I forgot the price..it's either IDR 340K or 380K? In this is pork belly and veggies, you can also add noodles into it, which we did. It's actually good but a bit too sour with too many veggies in comparison to the meat. Portion wise, it's probably enough for 5 people!

Interior is super simple and I love the solitude of this place! We didn't try the grill but they do have it and I bet it's good too. It's probably predictable, which is why we decided to go for the non grills. Oh and their exact location is between Wu Jang Gun and Born Ga, yes it's a row of Korean restaurants!

Jl. Wolter Monginsidi No. 30
Jakarta Selatan
021-7251135 / 7203642

Opening Hours :
Everyday : 11:30 am - 10:00

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