31 August 2017


Get your smoke on cause there's a new restaurant in town! Actually it opened last month but it's still new, right? Lol! Kinda surprised that it's in the same building as the old Bottega, that RDTX Kuningan building and after coming here, I found 2 new restaurants here, Up In Smoke here and another Japanese restaurant called One Eyed Jack, which is still open for dinner only when I came.

It's located at a business area, so no wonder most of the customers are in work attire. Opens till pretty late tho, even on weekdays! On Monday to Thursday they open 'till 1 AM, wow!

See the tables with black chairs? That's One Eyed Jack! So it's literally right next to each other with Up In Smoke here in the same building!

I guess this is where they produce all those amazing steaks!

Totally didn't expect the place to be this big! I'm shocked!

The more private area?

Ta-dah!! They have a lunch promo menu, which I think is totally worth it! Only IDR 100K and you'll get main course, ice tea, and dessert! Why is it worth it? Cause after looking through their actual menu, the Smoked Brisket Sandwich alone costs IDR 110K and the Banana Cream Pie is IDR 70K, so of course I went with this promo lunch..lol!

Though the size is not that big, this smoked chicken tastes heavenly! Trust me, it's super tender. I do admit that you won't be full with just this, my friend even got some rice to accompany this. The rice cost IDR 35K though..and that's before tax..lol!

You'll also get a side of potato chips with this!

Personally, I think this is the best deal out of the 2 choices with it's 4 slices of smoked brisket that tastes amazing! Those who have tried Holysmoke, this is kinda similar, it has that smokey flavor. The Coleslaw is also refreshing to balance that heavy smoked brisket!

Here it is! It's no ordinary chips. They use some seasoning that makes it taste like Chitato snack..lol!

I really don't like processed banana other than fried but this one is an exception! I admit I was kinda wary at first with all those cream on top but the cream turns out to be super good! It's not a plain flavorless cream but something like white chocolate even topped with shredded chocolate. Below the cream is a layer of caramel custard and then banana at the bottom, I guess the banana is also caramelized judging from the taste. The best!!

Well, it was an interesting experience and I'd definitely come back to try their next door! See you then!

Up In Smoke
RDTX Tower
Lobby Level
Jl. Prof Dr Satrio Kav E-4 No. 6
Kuningan, Jakarta
021-67992353 / 087857992371

Opening Hours :
Sunday - Thursday : 11:00 am - 01:00 am
Friday - Saturday : 11:00 am - 02:00 am


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