29 September 2017


Told ya Puri is getting major improvements!! Yeah! Another coffee shop that totally surprised me, Ardent Coffee and Eatery! Can you imagine that this beautifully minimalist coffee shop is actually located at Pesanggrahan, in line with Sandwich Bakar, Ikkudo, and Haji Mamat. From outside, you'd never guess that the inside is this pretty or this big. Let's start the tour then!

Upon entering, you'll pass this alley where you'll find this table and the cashier on your left!

Unlike other coffee shops, here you can sit and order at the table, so it's not the usual pay and order at the cashier type!

Oh and they have this Sore Sore ice cream here! This ice cream is from Bali if I'm not mistaken and the flavors are all very traditional and unique, like Tolak Angin, STMJ, Es Cendol, etc! All for the price of IDR 32K and it's put in a cup, also there's no tester unfortunately. They also have the regular flavors like vanilla, chocolate, etc that is put on a cone and you can taste it first, plus the price is cheaper!

Came here twice, on weekdays and weekends, since it's so close to home..lol! What's weird is that there are more crowds on weekdays rather than weekends. How come?

This place is flooded with a perfect photo spot! When I came here on weekdays, I saw that literally all tables would have at least 1 camera, either for an OOTD or food photo and the same goes for me, I guess..lol!

Here's the drink bar where all the drinks are made and they also have cakes and doughnuts to accompany your coffee!

This one! My favorite corner! It's right next to the window glass, so be ready for the scorching heat blazing through!

A combination of yakisoba (noodles) and yakimeshi (rice). I expected it to be somewhat Japanese flavored from the name but it actually tasted like Mie Tektek, you know, those fried rice at the side of the road..and yes, I am disappointed. The rice is like a Japanese rice truthfully but still, the soy sauce is just too Indonesian and I feel like the flavor of the rice and noodle just doesn't blend well! :(

The pork is pretty generous, so I think that what they need to do is just to improve their recipe!

The only menu with an Ardent Special sign on and it really is special! Totally didn't expect it after eating the sobameshi!

The nori is made into the taco skin and inside is a huge shrimp tempura with aburi salmon, pineapple, and Japanese rice. Flavor, perfectly blended! For the sauce, I think they use Kewpie or something cause it tasted like that. It's complicated to eat tho, so expect it to be messy!


Looks small, doesn't it? It's pretty filling tho, with all that rice inside and all!

Well, obviously I'd be coming here regularly, it's just a few blocks from home and it's pretty! Fyi, this is actually not their first outlet as their first branch is at Plaza Senayan. Definitely a place to enjoy a relaxing afternoon!

Ardent Coffee and Eatery
Jl. Pesanggrahan No. 168F
Puri Indah, Kembangan
Jakarta Barat 11610

Opening Hours :
Everyday : 11:00 am - 09:00 pm

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