30 September 2017


If you've been to Thailand, you might have heard of this place. It's actually pretty popular in Thailand cause of the cool monochrome interior and good food, here is Greyhound! So glad that they've decided to land on Jakarta at Grand Indonesia to be precised. Let's check it out!

As you can see the interior is all so monochromatic with a hint of warm colors and they also wanted to add a bit of Indonesia in it, so you might find things that are very Indonesian here and there!

To sum up the image of Greyhound, well if Greyhound is a person he'd be a sophisticated kind gentleman and that is what they're trying to portray!

Favorite flowers!

Fyi, Arena Corp. is the one who brought Greyhound here. It's the same group as Miyagi, Penang Bistro, La Hoya, and more!

Something Indonesian found!

Starting off with their signature drink, Thai Tea Granita! Yes, just take the all time favorite and popular Thai beverage and take it up a notch! This is definitely something that you'll be craving for again and again, and only Greyhound can satisfy you!

I literally feel like eating a sandwich broke down into a bowl! It's also sort of like a delicious salad and a perfect appetizer! Though it's a bit creamy, with all that lettuce it's bound to be fresh!

How do they make the chicken wings to be so small? I even thought it was frog legs at first! Did they use baby chicks? All I know is that this is super savory and strong, just how Thai cuisine is and I love it!

How you eat this is you have to put the green sauce on top of the salmon and then roll it up with the dill and garlic and eat it in one go! You'll get a burst of stinging sour and spicy flavor that is just so Thai! Very fresh and palate cleansing, sort of..lol! It's good tho!

I know that I'm going with a safe choice with this but they actually recommend this, so I just had to try it! Totally wasn't disappointed, it's really good, though I wish they'd give sugar too like what they usually do in Thailand. I used to not like Pad Thai but after trying that one famous Pad Thai in Bangkok, I totally fell in love and I love to put sugar on my Pad Thai, even though I used to think it's weird!

Not a big fan of tom yum as I think the stinging sour taste is sometimes just a bit too much but not this one! Maybe cause it's 'light' tom yum?

Look at that generous amount of meat!! This is totally my favorite. The meat is tender, the beef balls are bouncy, and there's something crispy like fried skin or something that makes it more heavenly. Totally recommend this one!

Didn't try this one but it's also a recommended item. It's the most ordinary out of all, which is why we didn't get this one.

Yummy and pretty! It's a rolled up crepe cake with fresh coconut flavored cream and I think there's a thin coconut flake as well but it just melts in your mouth. It's one elegant, light, and sweet dessert!

Lastly is this plain looking toast..lol! Just kidding! It actually is a plain toast tho, but you'll get 5 sauces that goes with it and those sauce are super yummy and interesting!

Here are the sauce! There's sweet condensed milk, Thai Tea custards, coffee caramel, orange marmalade jam, sea salt caramel. Just drizzle it on however you like it!

Greyhound Cafe
Grand Indonesia Shopping Town
GF, West Mall #20A
Jl. M.H. Thamrin No. 1
Jakarta Pusat 10310

Opening Hours :
Everyday : 11:00 am - 10:00 pm



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