31 October 2017


Anyone been here before? Not me! I'm a first timer and this is because of an invitation as well. Reason might be because from upfront it look super luxurious and expensive but once you get inside, it's actually pretty casual. It's just a classic elegant design, let's check it out!


I think Masizzim here is an International worldwide brand, is it not? Because when I checked their Instagram, the one that came up are Masizzim Singapore or Thailand or others. Now they have decided to open a branch in Indonesia, more specifically at Pantai Indah Kapuk! It's at the ruko at the left side of the toll road from Puri.


Finally!!! SEC decided to open a restaurant where you can enjoy their wonderful salted egg chicken fresh! The restaurant is called SEC Diner instead of SEC Bowl because the concept here is different. It's much more like a proper restaurant and the price is also a bit more expensive. Located at Pantai Indah Kapuk, in line with Social Affair.


One Eyed Jack here is located right next to Up In Smoke that we reviewed before in RDTX Kuningan building and finally we've got the chance to try this one, as we did say that we wanted to try One Eyed Jack next time! It used to only open for dinner, now they open for lunch as well!


People of Serpong let's make some noise!! This time we're gonna share about a Japanese restaurant in Serpong, near SMS. The restaurant is actually not a new one, it's also the same group as Nanny's, Wild Grass Bandung, Porto Bistreau, etc, it's Torigen from Altima Group!

30 October 2017


First time ever setting foot on Gorontalo! Yeah! No, I'm not going to Pulo Cinta, though I really want to someday, but this trip we're going to Togean island! You've been there? You've never heard of it? Well same as me, I've never heard anyone coming here before, I guess most of the visitors are either foreigners or hardcore travelers. Fyi, you're electronics would be absolutely useless here, so just live in the moment!

A lot of you guys have asked me how to go here, so we're gonna share about it as detailed as we could here in this very post! Please enjoy and read on!

First the access to this place is from 3 cities; Ampana (which is the closest), Poso, and Gorontalo. I went with the Gorontalo lane, why? Because when I was buying the tickets, the one way ticket from Jakarta to Ampana costs IDR 4 mio!! Way too overpriced for me, so I got the Jakarta - transit to Makassar - then Gorontalo and the 2 ways ticket only cost around IDR 2 mio.


Have you ever tried beef se'i before? Usually it's pork, so I find the beef one pretty rare. I definitely have never seen one in Jakarta, though if you know a place, please tell us on the comment section! Would very appreciate it!


People of Bandung must be very familiar with this popular place, so popular that even us in Jakarta knows about it. This place is called Kalpa Tree and it's in Bandung. Fyi, that pool is famous for being the 'it' spot for photos! I actually knew about the place from an agency in Jakarta that handles their social media and did a very good job on it, the photos are marvelous!

29 October 2017


Mr. Fox here is from Ismaya Group and most restaurant in that group usually opens 'till late at night. This one is no different, even on weekdays they'll open 'till later than midnight! Mr. Fox is a more lifestyle kind of place, so there is definitely gonna be alcohol here. Located right across of Pacific Place in a building called Energy Building, in the same building as PEPeNERO!


Do you remember the restaurant in Plaza Indonesia called Socieaty by Les Amis Group? Sad to say that Socieaty is no longer here but worry not cause they got a new restaurant to replace the loss of Socieaty. It's called BAE by Socieaty and has the same theme and same concept, a bar and restaurant!