30 October 2017


Have you ever tried beef se'i before? Usually it's pork, so I find the beef one pretty rare. I definitely have never seen one in Jakarta, though if you know a place, please tell us on the comment section! Would very appreciate it!

Se'i Sapi Lamalera here is located in a hook and as usual, I came here using GPS, so don't ask me for directions..*cry* The place is very simple and traditional with no aircon but since it's Bandung, that isn't really a problem! The weather in Bandung is still pretty cold, especially since it's cloudy when I came here!

The customers here are mostly businessmen, maybe it's because of the affordable price and fast service?

I came here for only 1 thing; the Long Board Platter!! It's said to be for 4-6 pax but truthfully, I think it's even barely enough for 2-3 pax..lol!

For the platter you can choose beef, tongue, or chicken, and you can't mix it, you can only mix the flavors. You'll also get 3 choices of sambal!

I went for the Sambal Lu'at, Cabe Ijo, and Sambal Rica-Rica. The winner hands down goes to the Cabe Ijo! The Sambal Rica-Rica is more like balado and the Lu'at is too spicy and sour, not my cup of tea!

Because of the smokey flavor, the beef here taste like the pork one but it's 100% halal, so don't worry!

You'll get this as a complimentary if you order the platter!

The platter also comes with a delicious soup making this the perfect comfort food!


Se'i Sapi Lamalera
Jl. Bagus Rangin no. 24a
Lebakgede, Coblong
Bandung, Jawa Barat 40132

Opening Hours :
Everyday : 10:00 am - 10:00 pm


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