31 October 2017


One Eyed Jack here is located right next to Up In Smoke that we reviewed before in RDTX Kuningan building and finally we've got the chance to try this one, as we did say that we wanted to try One Eyed Jack next time! It used to only open for dinner, now they open for lunch as well!

The food here is a modern Japanese Izakaya, so it's not the usual sushi and everything. Interested? Keep on reading then!

As we said before in Up In Smoke, the interior is similar as they are pretty much connected anyway. Both dark, even the kitchen!

When I came here, this place has less customer than Up In Smoke, so I got to take clear shots of the interior!

Here's the bar..dark, I know!

Some alcohol for the welcome drink! So cute, isn't it?


Something from their small plates and yes, I do think it's overpriced. This is like shrimp with mayo but instead they use wasabi aioli, lime sea salt, and jalapeno. There's a small kick of the wasabi, which is still pleasant.

You can also choose salmon or tuna for this one. It's super good with all the sesame oil and yuzu soy, there's also a slight ginger taste but it's kinda overpowered by the sesame oil!

This one is actually a dish from Up In Smoke called Grilled Broccoli. Yes, it's that simple, the taste however is far from simple! It's the ultimate badabombz, the best broccoli I've ever had in my 24 years of life! Yeap, I'm so taking it over the top!

With a smoked flavor, there's also spiced cashew and romesco sauce to perfect the whole dish!

Another one from the Up In Smoke called Smoke Burger IDR 145K. Personally, I find the patty is what makes the whole thing special. You can really taste the bbq and smokey flavor and the fries ain't just for sides!

Back to One Eyed Jack's menu. Don't really know how this black cod could be so cheap, isn't it usually very expensive? Plus it's actually good, the size might not be much but you do get that black cod texture perfectly!

Yeap, you guessed right, this is another from Up In Smoke. All those beef and brisket type are no doubt from Up In Smoke!

This one is called Smoked Brisket IDR 135K. It's super good but not to the point where it melts in your mouth. Pretty similar to Holy Smoke's, just with more fat.

One Eyed Jack
RDTX Tower
Lobby Level
Jl. Prof Dr Satrio Kav E-4 No. 6
Kuningan, Jakarta


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