30 November 2017


Finally! An interesting place other than mall and restaurants! This has just opened in West Jakarta, yeap, WEST! It's called Museum Macan, which is short for Museum of Modern And Contemporary Art in Nusantara. Exact location is at Wisma AKR, close to RCTI. Let's check it out!

Actually came here on their first opening for public on 4th November. Before that they're already open for invitations only and fortunately the 4th is a weekend and maybe it's because this was the first day, it's not as crowded as nowadays. Went to buy their tickets online cause I actually thought that it's only sold online but turns out you can also purchase it on the spot. The price is IDR 50K for adults, IDR 40K for elders and IDR 30K for kids. What confuses me is that when I purchased the ticket on the website, I had to pick either 2PM-4PM or 4PM-6PM, so is it supposed to be limited to 2 hours? But I was there for more than 2 hours and it was fine?

You'll find these unique things if you visit. Though one of us is a design graduate, we don't understand art that well. All we know is that all of the arts are unique and super cute! Oh and we didn't put the artist's name here but all we wanna say is that the artists are amazing!

First thing first, went in line to the infinity mirrored room! My queue was not this long though, this shot is taken after I went in, which is at 3:30PM, I went to the room at 2PM. My queue was only 10 people and it's super fast as well, since you can only enter for 40 seconds with a max of 2 people in the room. Heard that now you can only enter for 10 seconds? Is it true?

Ta-dah!! This is what you'll find! Before going in, the staff will warn you to only take 3 steps forward and don't go to the left nor right as the sides are all water, so careful to not fall in cause it's so dark there!

Totally in love with it! The colorful bulbs will change color, so it's super pretty!

After the highlighted room, most of this post will only show some of the arts you'd find and I won't comment on it that much as I don't understand it myself..lol! Just enjoy the pictures and fyi, these are all taken with my iPhone, since I thought that a camera won't be allowed in a museum but turns out it's actually allowed! :'(

Yeap, it's probably a perfect place for OOTD as well..lol! Gotcha there!

See a painting of our generation below? All phones arise! Lol!

See how all the artwork has a rope in front of it? Well, please stay outside of the rope if you're going to take OOTD photos or whatever! It's there for a reason, kay?

It's interesting to see someone so lost in admiring an artwork, at times I wonder what's going on in their minds.

And that's about it for Museum Macan's tour! I think 2 hours won't be enough for you art enthusiasts cause there are so many artworks you can enjoy!

Before we end it, we wanna show you a room in front of the elevator where you can create your own art! It's only coloring but it's still something. Let's take a look!

Museum Macan
Wisma AKR
Level MM
Jl. Panjang No.5
Kebon Jeruk
Jakarta Barat 11530

Opening Hours :
Tuesday - Sunday : 10:00 am - 07:00 pm
Closed on Mondays


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