30 November 2017


Yes, this is the same Onokabe as the one at Alam Sutera. They've decided to open a 2nd branch at Pluit Junction and though we don't usually talk about the same restaurant, we guess we could make an exception here as they've improved their quality from our last visit! So here it is!

The ready to eat buffets are pretty much the same but with added new item; Pindang Fish! It was okay, a bit spicy and tomato-ish, so I'm not a big fan.

Yeap, just stuff it all in a plate..lol!

Salad corner, anyone?

They also have sushi now, just a few rolls. Don't compare it with a proper sushi restaurant tho!

I guess this is more of a kimbap?

Kambing Guling station still going strong!

All the glorious raw foods that we can either grill or use in hotpot!

The quality of the meat here is definitely WAY BETTER! I can safely say now that it's a properly cut and cared meat here!

Same old sauce!

The hotpot ingredients going round and round, just tempting you to taking them!

For dessert, they now have Chocolate Fondue and Popsicle!

The waffle dog is actually pretty good! Well as good as cold waffle can get but at least it's not rock hard!

Here are all the colorful Popsicle, well it's actually called Frozen Juice here..lol! Just want to name it Popsicle as it sounds more fun.

The mini cakes here are all supplied by Bakerzin as they're from the same group. So get your all you can eat Bakerzin mini cakes here!

You can also make your very own Es Campur!

Shh..the grilling is in session!

This might be a good place to bring your whole family or a group of friends, cause it's definitely going to be a feast! Affordable too!

Pluit Junction
Ground floor
Jl. Pluit Selatan Raya No.1
Jakarta Utara 14440


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