28 November 2017


First time stepping foot on AEON JGC (Jakarta Garden City)! Well, it's no wonder as this area is way off the map for us who lives in the West. It's almost 50km away, like half way to Bandung, can you believe that?! Lol! I guess it's a good once in a while, going to places that we don't usually go. The mall is still new and super clean with public seats everywhere, so you can just hang at the seats without having to go into a restaurant first, which is very needed for me! Even the toilets are superb. There's also a ferris wheel here, which everyone thought it was at AEON BSD but too bad, it's not. The restaurants and stores here are pretty much similar with the BSD, though not exactly the same. Well, that's just a quick info on AEON JGC, but what we're gonna talk about today is actually School Food!

School Food here actually goes way back, it's been here even before we've started blogging! There was one at Central Park but it closed down and now we can only find it at far off places like AEON JGC here!

This is a Korean restaurant but not the grill type. The specials here is their Blooming Mari, which is like Korean sushi?

This is somewhat like spaghetti with samyang paste..lol! Not as spicy as samyang and though it looks red it's not tomato. I guess it's like those Korean pastes? The spicy is still tolerable even for me and there's a lot of meat too!

The ramyun soup here is super flavorful! It's sort of like instant noodles tho and it's spicy but not as spicy as the last dish. This one is definitely my favorite, tho I do feel somewhat guilty after having this..lol!

The base is carbonara sauce but they mix in some squid ink. Trust me, no matter how scary it looks, the taste is like an actual carbonara and there's no strange smell whatsoever! You'll also find the topoki, which is always good, and squid in this.

Ta-da!! This is the Blooming Mari. They have a few variation, some are cooked and some are raw like sashimi. I kinda forgot what this one is but all I know is that it's filled with minced beef and rolled with eggs as the skin. Too bad the eggs kinda smell but if you dip it into the mayo, it'll help with the smell!

School Food
Ground floor
Jl. Jakarta Garden City
Cakung, Jakarta Timur 13910

Opening Hours :
Everyday : 10:00 am - 10:00 pm


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