31 December 2017


Khung here is a bit hidden, it's at the corner near the toilet..lol! Though if you're going to exit the lobby by car, you'd be able to see this place from out front! It's harder to find from the inside, especially cause I don't really know Plaza Indonesia, which I think all the alleys look the same!


Hi! It's me, the meat lover! Lol! Yakinikuya here is actually opened a few years ago but I just visited now in 2017..well, better late than never, right?


If I'm not mistaken Mr. Musa here is an old restaurant at Gading Batavia, Kelapa Gading. I guess they're not quite exposed yet, even when I came there was almost no customer. Came here after seeing their Instagram and there are a lot of food variety and all look amazing!


The newest member of Boga Group is finally open at Senayan City on the 5th floor, it's called Putu Made! Thank you for this amazing opportunity of trying it before it's open for public!


Mise here has just recently opened and they said the chef is from Gioi and there's also a shareholder from Gioi. The foods are also kinda similar and the interior is just super! Just the type of place where the socialites would hang out at, so I recommend dressing up a bit when you're planning to visit here!

Located at Menteng area and you can easily find it with GPS. When you arrived, don't get confused as to why it's a furniture shop though, cause Mise is on the 2nd floor of it. I'd suggest reserving a table cause there's not many of it!


There's a new one in Bali!! Hahaha ain't it rare for us to be updated with the cafes in Bali? Lol!  Got an invitation from their PR in Jakarta to visit this one, Doncaster, in Bali and since we got that collaboration with Mamak as well, we decided to try this out as it's even in a walking distance from Mamak!

18 December 2017


We got to witness a pretty awesome moment and that is the announcement of the Winners of Blue Band Master Oleh-Oleh 2017! Yes, it's a competition held by Blue Band to find who the master of souvenirs is from all of Indonesia! It's no secret that our beloved country is filled with many cultures and cuisines, hence the varieties of souvenirs, so are you ready to find out who the winner is? Let's read on!


Hello guys! This is the 3rd Bali restaurant we've reviewed, though actually we went to Bali pretty often..lol! You can check out all our updates in Bali on Istagram with #lulabyspoonbali and did you know that you can follow a hashtag now? No, I'm not implying anything..lol! :p

We're gonna talk about the restaurant that is a big hit in Australia called Mamak Restaurant! It's said that in Australia, the queue is super long here, there's even a black and white photo of the queue in the Bali's Mamak! The cuisine is Malaysian, so expect Mee Goreng, Curry, Roti Canai, and Nasi Lemak. What surprised me is the price! Everything is below IDR 100K, how affordable for a famous restaurant!

16 December 2017

Patio Venue by Plataran - Intimate Casual Dining Experience

Yes, the day we've all been waiting for is almost here! The jolly holy season, the joyful holiday season, or anything you want to call it. It's Christmas and for this merry holiday, there's bound to be a wonderful Christmas set menus! The first one we got to try is from Patio Venue by Plataran! Let's check it out!

09 December 2017


Whoop whoop! First post in this joyful month! December always has this holiday air to it, doesn't it? It's like the days are brighter and merrier, maybe because of all those Christmas songs wherever you go..lol! Well, here's another reason for you to celebrate, Greenfields, yes, 'the' Greenfields has launched a new product and that's the oh-so-yummy (and healthy) yogurt!