09 December 2017


Whoop whoop! First post in this joyful month! December always has this holiday air to it, doesn't it? It's like the days are brighter and merrier, maybe because of all those Christmas songs wherever you go..lol! Well, here's another reason for you to celebrate, Greenfields, yes, 'the' Greenfields has launched a new product and that's the oh-so-yummy (and healthy) yogurt!

On this launching event, we got a better understanding about yogurts and all. We also got the chance to meet the owner and chef of Maple & Oak, Chef Odie Djamil!

The yogurt has 4 variants; plain, strawberry, blueberry, and mango (seems like mango is now a must have flavors, huh?).

My personal favorite is actually the blueberry, which surprises even me. I thought I was gonna pick mango as a favorite but I like the blueberry and even strawberry one better because of the fruit chunks in these 2, whereas it's just plain yogurt for the mango flavor. Am I making sense here? No? Then you just have to try them for yourselves and I believe it'll be worth it! 

Not only did we get to try the yogurt, we also got to see Chef Odie on action as he made a special dessert for us. He made Mango Yogurt Mascarpone Mousse, which is actually super simple and easy, it only took like 5 minutes!

Here's the Mango Yogurt Mascarpone Mousse that we got to try!

Chef Odie's favorite garnish; edible flowers! Pretty, right?

Another one of his specials is this Spirulina Green Lassi! I like the mango better though..lol!

Next is our turn to make our own special dessert with Greenfields' yogurt! We were separated into 4 groups and I got the Plain Yogurt group with Windy from Foodirectory and Gilang from Makan Sampai Kenyang!

Here are the ingredients given to make our perfect healthy smoothie bowl!

And of course, not forgetting the edible flowers for garnish!

I took up the job of cutting the apples into thin slices to decorate the smoothies, which is made by Gilang and Windy. Did my best, though it's definitely not perfect!

Ta-dah! This is the last look of our own smoothie bowl! Decorated by yours truly and Windy!

These are what the other 3 groups made. Who do you think won the competition?

This one is actually the winner based on looks and taste. It's made by the Mango Flavor group, which are Andy & Mullie from My Fun Food Diary and Hans from Eat and Treats! Congratulations!!

All in all, it was fun and everyone made such awesome smoothies bowl, though I now realized that it's not really easy. The consistency of the smoothie is pretty hard to perfect. If you're interested in making your own smoothies bowl at home, try making it with Greenfields' Yogurt and why not tell us how it goes in the comment section below? Congratulations again Greenfields! We await more interesting products to come!


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