18 December 2017


We got to witness a pretty awesome moment and that is the announcement of the Winners of Blue Band Master Oleh-Oleh 2017! Yes, it's a competition held by Blue Band to find who the master of souvenirs is from all of Indonesia! It's no secret that our beloved country is filled with many cultures and cuisines, hence the varieties of souvenirs, so are you ready to find out who the winner is? Let's read on!

There are a lot of contestants that auditioned for the title, like 5 thousands 'a lot', yeap, that shows just how rich our country's culture and cuisine is!

From 34 provinces, 5.145 contestant participated and 86 went to semi-finals, then 30 for finals. Here we got to see the 30 final's portfolio!

All look so yummy and definitely what I'd buy if I ever went there. The scores are based on the taste, effort, and of course, authenticity of the product because as the judges said, a souvenir is supposed to make you reminisce the place we went to once eaten!

Here are the 3 superb finalist's bio!

Some authentic souvenirs are also displayed for our eyes to feast!

And in this Toko Keliling are the 3 finalist's products!

This one is called Sorghum Cookies from Nusa Tenggara Barat and it's a product of Yant Healthy by Nurrahmi Yanti!

Next is Roti Ontbijtkoek Gula Jawa from Yogyakarta and is a product of Toko Roti Djakarta by Andreas Purwanto.

Last but not least is Pia Karawo from Gorontalo! This is a product of Toko Cafesera by Ellyanti Phandeirot.

Before the announcement of the winners, the judges shared a bit of something about the long road of coming to this decisions. It was a tough choice and went through a lot of arguing before they finally agreed on the results.

The judges are also no joke, one of the judges is even the President of Indonesia's Gastronomy Academy!

The 3 finalist in the flesh! *drum rolls*

The 3rd goes to Nurrahmi Yanti with her Sorghum Cookies which is made with Sorghum plant.

2nd goes to Andreas Purwanto with his Roti Ontbijtkoek Gula Jawa which is legendary for its traditional family recipe.

The one who received the title as the Blue Band Master Oleh Oleh 2017 goes to Ellyanti Phandeirot with her beautifully woven Pia Karawo!

CONGRATULATIONS to all winners and may you all continue to bring up our Indonesia's culture! Keep on inspiring and creating! Thank you!

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