31 December 2017


Hi! It's me, the meat lover! Lol! Yakinikuya here is actually opened a few years ago but I just visited now in 2017..well, better late than never, right?

The place is very anti-mainstream, it's in a basement of Dharmawangsa Square. It's in the same group as Takemori, which is a sukiyaki, Yakinikuya here is bbq but both are Japanese. By the way, I'd suggest you make a reservation cause their capacity is pretty small. Oh and this isn't an all day dining, so be sure to check out their opening hours!

It's written that they open at 11, though the staff said they won't be ready 'till 12 noon? Hemm..so I just came here at 12 and there are only 2 tables occupied, though after 1 it suddenly became a full house!

The inside looks like an alley.

You can either go with ala carte or all you can eat and I, of course, went with the buffet..lol!

There are 4 packages and the more expensive the better meat quality. I went with Premium Yakiniku IDR 298K++ per person and exclude drinks!

Since I've never tried this, I got all of the variets on the premium package. You can also get the ones from the Special package, which is the lower packge.







Can't really describe the difference between the meats but all I know is that they're all superb! I can safely say this is the top Japanese bbq in Jakarta!

They're Loin Steak is a must have! Super tender and well marinated, I was definitely taken a back by how good it is!

From the Premium package, you can get this super yummy chewy tongue!

This prawn is unlike any other!

More Loin Steak..lol! I got 7 portion of this..lol! If it was ala carte a portion of this will cost IDR 105K!

Since I was also curious about the Special package, I decided to try their Ichibo and Beef Enoki Roll and even though it's only a level lower, the taste is definitely different! Maybe if you haven't tried the Premium package, you'd think this is still good?

Though it's different, doesn't mean it's not still good. The quality is still amazing and I'd definitely come back for more! The buffet also includes side dish and dessert, which are also depended on your package choice. I also tried their super huge soup and it's also good!

Don't really like the dessert though, for the Premium you can get the Kakigori but it's not that good. You can tell they don't use a good quality products for the desserts.

May I remind you to get the Loin Steak again? Lol! Some tip, get some soup and salad to balance all that meat, I trust you'll get addicted!

The Dharmawangsa Square Basement 46
Jl. Dharmawangsa 6
Jakarta Selatan 12160

Opening Hours:
Lunch : 11:00 am - 03:00 pm
Dinner : 06:00 pm - 10:00 pm



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