31 January 2018


Anyone that sees this opening in Jakarta will definitely be interested to try like myself, as we have never been to Japan, so we have never tried that legendary gyukatsu that everyone who went to Japan will eat. We are definitely thankful that Jakarta has started to have a lot of these opening here!

Kura Sushi here is located at PIK, in line with Mixology and be warned that their signage is a bit hard to see, it's pretty high up. What's unique about the place is that the 1st floor is literally just the seat on the photo above. I guess it's only for waiting list or something, the tables are all on the 2nd floor!

It's not that spacey and kinda looks like an alley. I guess it's only enough for 30 people or so?

This place is still very new, it's freshly opened in the beginning of 2018 and when I came they're being shot by some television media!

Super cute mermaid seats..lol!

Yeap, my mission here is to try this! Might not be the first in Jakarta but from their Instagram, you can clearly see that this is their signature.
There are 2 types; Gyukatsu IDR 235K and Wagyukatsu IDR 295K, both includes rice and sauce.

This is the Gyukatsu one and at first glance, the plating is definitely neat and pretty.

On the sauce dish you'll be given oil to grill the Gyukatsu, so be sure to dip it in first before grilling!

You can only put maximum of 4 pieces in 1 stone. Remember to wait for the stone to become hot enough, which might take a long time.

You can cook it in anyway you like, just warm or until well cooked.

For the taste I personally find it a bit too standard for something that costs IDR 235K. The beef is not something that reminds you of Japanese meat and the flavor is really Indonesianized I guess, which is really too bad!

It's filled with tamago and crabstick, topped with edamame and salmon. There's a non spicy version of this called Salmon Tatuko, where Supaishi is literally spicy said in Japanese..lol! It's not spicy at all for me tho..

I had high expectation for this but turns out to be super standard as well. Why is there no authentic Japanese flavor? It's doesn't have that delicious smell, edible but for the price of IDR 95K I think they can achieve better quality!

Personally find the size a bit small compared to other sushi place in Jakarta that sells a similar one. You can really compare this. I know it's supposed to be bite-sized and everything but IDR 30K per 1 piece is a bit much, don't you think so? Taste is okay tho!

Same goes for this one, since I've had this similar sushi on another sushi place in Jakarta with the same price but bigger size. Taste is good but they can fix either the size or the price I guess?

For the plating and looks, they've done a great job but I think they need to work a bit on quality. Well, best of luck!

Kura Sushi
Ruko Crown Golf Blok D No 36
Pantai Indah Kapuk
Jakarta Utara

Opening Hours :
Everyday : 12:00 pm - 10:30 pm


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