16 February 2018


This year, Valentine and CNY are only 2 days apart!! What a merry week this week is, huh? Well anyways, we want to tell you about our 8 recommendations for your CNY lunch or dinner. Yes, we do realize it's late but better late than never? Who knows, maybe you want to celebrate it on the weekends? Also, we went with CNY because we already did a Valentine list before, you can find the list here and it might be a bit out dated as it was made last year, so our new list in 2018 would be;
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8. EASTERN OPULENCE (will be reviewing soon, it's an Indonesian food restaurant with a gorgeous interior! Here's a quick preview;

Hope the list helps and we do recommend to book a table first cause it could get pretty crowded on an event week!

Before we move on to the CNY list, first thing first:

Yeap, I know it's old and a place where you might only go with your family but it's a classic and definitely a gem! There's a reason for why they're still standing strong for years. They also offer dishes in huge portions, so it's perfect for a large family dinner. Why we put this on number 1 is also because of they're superb taste, almost every menu hits the perfect spot! Just go with anything and you could be at ease that it'll be good. I guess for old and young Angke would be a choice when it comes to Chinese foods. Be sure to book a table first, if the one in Ketapang is full, you can try the Kelapa Gading branch!

This is the sister brand of Angke actually. For those who thinks Ketapang or Kelapa Gading is way too far, you can reach Hong He here in PIK. It's a smaller version of Angke and even the menu selection is not as many as Angke. There's only some selected and signature dishes of Angke in Hong He but don't worry, in terms of taste, it's as good as Angke!

3. EIGHT TREASURES (Click on for more details)
This one now is more modern and new. It suits the youngsters better but also parents cause the foods are soupy and fancy. Located at Plaza Indonesia, so it's to be expected that it's high class. Why it's on the list is because they also have Chinese foods other than their shabu-shabu and there is a lot of round tables, perfect for CNY..lol!

Another fancy one, this time I think it's a bit middle high. Located in Fairmont Hotel, Senayan, the Chinese food here has a very pretty plating and not just the looks but the taste is also superb!

Here they have a single set Chinese foods like the one in the photo below but they also have the usual sharing side dishes. Be sure to try their Crispy Pork Belly cause that is their signature dish!

Located in Shangri-La Hotel, this has been a pretty popular restaurant for a celebration and since it's a Chinese cuisine restaurant, it'll be perfect for CNY! There's even VIP rooms with karaoke here, so very Chinese..lol!

Don't judge this from the name, lol! It's like Angke's type of place and their foods are also good with a generous portion. They also have VIP rooms with round tables. The food's taste is superb, though a bit pricey but that's actually because they use high quality ingredients!

The last place in our list is this restaurant from JW Marriott Hotel. Relax, it's actually not that expensive, though the portion is also not the big types. It's more fancy and fine dining-like, maybe somewhat like House of Yuen, pretty plating and delicious taste! They also have just renovated, so it still feels brand new..lol!

And that is all for our CNY recommendation! Is your favorite restaurant on the list? What restaurant do you think should have been on the list? Tell us in the comment section, we'd love to hear about it! Hope this list can be of a help, if not for CNY dinner, for other Chinese themed lunch or dinner. See you on the next post!


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