24 May 2018


So there's this new specialty coffee place in Lippo Mall Puri (At the J.Co Lobby) called Neoma, which actually means New Moon / New Beginning. This place is a hidden paradise! Despite its seemingly isolated place, you might want to check out their instagram to find their exact location, since it's on the far end of the mall lobby! If you knew Osaka Maru, the japanese restaurant is now replaced by Neoma, a far more eccentric place to be in! 

This place is a joint venture of the passionate creators of Mionette, one of my favorite cake house in Px Pavillion, and the prominent coffee roaster, Nagadi Coffee. Their friendship then gave birth to the idea of creating this place for coffee mongers and jolly eaters in a community!


I'm not sure what's up with Pluit, but here's yet another new dimsum place where it truly belongs! It's called One Dimsum, located in parallel with Wing Heng, its level competitor that hoards great taste and open 24hrs! Let's hope this one meets the expectation as well, how about we find out! Before we start, this location is already located in your GPS, so it's easy to find. tap tap!


A new new place for K-poppers in South Jakarta! Let me present to you, Seoul Yummy at Lippo Mall Kemang, directly franchised from Singapore! Their numerous outlets in Singapore are just a dawwn for another expansion, this time to Jakarta. It's so fresh as this place is newly opened, a week before the fasting month began. Fresh!

21 May 2018


Yet another new collective space in Pluit is open!! Hario, the most prominent heatproof glass manufacturer from Japan has opened a... WAIT! HAHAHA so before I even start, I said what I said! Hario was originally a heatproof glass manufacturer who tried their fortune in producing syphon coffee maker... and the rest is history. Having become the most well known manual brewing coffee maker manufacturer, they opened their 2nd conceptual space of dine, drink, and shop. The 2nd store is located near to Pluit Village, which is already registered in your GPS! Their first store is located in Aeon Mall BSD, if you happen to wonder!

The shop aims to carry the style of Japanese modern heritage. Longing to deliver visitors 3 distinct experience in the store, which are flavor, presentation, as well as a space to belong, the concept that has already been opened in Tokyo, Japan has been leading on its own as a retailer that offers experience more than just a product.

03 May 2018


I am so SURPRISED when I got to visit Nomz! It's got a HUGE change in the menu, so if you haven't been there for quite some time, just scrap the idea of old Nomz and find out more here!

Before I make you read and visualize and drool to your own fantasy, I'll give the discretion that this is a non-halal restaurant. Its main character is about seemingly casual food with a twist of ingredients, so don't judge a food by its plating, it's just neat and will lead your palate to the dancing!

Let's begin the FEAST!


Yes! It's definitely something totally new here. The collaboration between CIMB Niaga, JCB, and Indosat to launch a new kind of credit card called CIMB Niaga Indosat Ooredoo Card. This was definitely a different experience and new opportunity for us to be able to attend this exclusive event!