24 May 2018


So there's this new specialty coffee place in Lippo Mall Puri (At the J.Co Lobby) called Neoma, which actually means New Moon / New Beginning. This place is a hidden paradise! Despite its seemingly isolated place, you might want to check out their instagram to find their exact location, since it's on the far end of the mall lobby! If you knew Osaka Maru, the japanese restaurant is now replaced by Neoma, a far more eccentric place to be in! 

This place is a joint venture of the passionate creators of Mionette, one of my favorite cake house in Px Pavillion, and the prominent coffee roaster, Nagadi Coffee. Their friendship then gave birth to the idea of creating this place for coffee mongers and jolly eaters in a community!

The place boasts its spacious 2 stories space.

If you've ever tasted coffee in several well known specialty coffee shops such as Ombe Kofie, Six Ounces, Native, or Maarkeze, you might have seen Nagadi's coffee bean packed in brown bags as their specialty beans, and here you can have it first hand from its passionate creator!

Here's the unique thing about this place, the beans are for sale in retail price! Never be afraid to run out of coffee in your own home!

They are not only serious with their equipment, but also their quality standard. 

You'll always see 2 types of beans in its hopper, their signature blend, Kraken (RELEASE THE KRAKEN!) with a more chocolaty and bold flavor, and the other is seasonal guest blend roasted by Nagadi, ranging from local to imported beans that has more distinctive flavor notes, playing more to the fruity and floral note.

Specialty grade coffee in the making!

Loving their choice of coffee cups as well as the aroma of well pulled espresso!

Neat latte art! For those of you who prefers artificial than artisan, they even got butterscotch on top of other classical flavorings.

Time for interior tour! Here's the 'lobby' of Neoma. What I felt when I came in is this kind of zen, peaceful feeling. It was weird, because the place wasn't even empty when I came to visit. 

Coming in, you'll be welcomed with a selection of cakes from Mionette. You might see them as humbly made, simple in terms of visuals compared to the current up and about kind of cakery, but their taste speaks on a whole other level! If you'd like to know some of their cake selections, find out here!

There are 3 #ootd spots I can spot!

aanddd my personal favorite! Great mix of natural light, stone table, corner position, and just enough space to take endless pictures!

Crispy potato skin topped with egg mayo, cherry tomato, and smoked beef that is really filling! Tasted like potato salad, it really is packed with energy (read: carbs) despite being an appetizer! Classic goodness in bites!

They've got new brunch menus, and this is one of them! Poached egg glazed with hollandaise sauce with puff pastry underneath that make a genius combination of texture complimented with salmon gravlax (cured salmon in sugar)! Signature dish that boasts craftsmanship! Here you can see the salmon slightly maroon in color and tastes sweet!

This is just crazy genius. If you bite it and let the flavor runs deep to your palate, it creates a perfect harmony of ingredients, resounding to the back of your memory. Passion.

BEAUTIFUL PLATING! The flat iron steak was cooked medium well, although you can request it otherwise. I kinda regretted taking too long to take pictures because when I was done taking them, the meat was already a bit dry. Not their mistake though!

They use sour dough, which has its own crispiness and complex flavor. I personally love how they chose arugula and balsamic. Crazy good. Might not be the thing for Asian palate, but as to me, it's something I absolutely dig!

Crack open the mashed potato, then you'll find rich, flavorful oxtail soup inside. Traditionally using lamb meat, this shepherd's pie is one of a kind. Rustic unique!

This is kind of everyone's favorite. I mean, who doesn't like comfort food? You can see how well cooked it is by separating the tail from its bone. Best eaten when warm! Homey!

Good classic aglio olio, Sichuan style! Spicy and aromatic, they played their garlic and chili oil game strong. I personally would want it to be more salty, since it's still getting overwhelmed by spiciness. A bit more in the road to perfection!

Texture is perfectly al dente, prawns are fresh, and I love their initiatives to get rid of the skin, easy to eat!

This meringue icing is my guilty pleasure :') Despite myself not being a lemon lover, I still think this tasted delicious. It's got the balance and freshness of lemon without being too sour, but the sweetness is perfectly balanced as well. It's the kind of cake that doesn't make you stop eating. Sponge cake is light, taste is light, yet balanced enough to stimulate your palate! Addictive like poppies! ...wait.

Their newest mille crepes flavor is made of Cha Tra Mue (it's pretty famous in Thailand!) thai tea. It tastes light yet I'd prefer it to be slightly sweeter!

The signature Thai elephant!


Here are their newest collection of unique mocktail!
left to right:

SPROTINI : The one in martini glass is double espresso with vanilla. Even as a non-coffee drinker, this one tastes really good to me as I thought it'd be bitter, it didn't!

GINGER ALE COFFEE: The other brown colored drink with the lemon grass , which tasted like, hmm... cold bandrek XD The ginger tastes really strong, and this might be good for people who likes spices!

The cotton candy sky colored drink with the rosemary is a mix of orange juice, vanilla, and grenadine syrup. This refreshing drink is so comfortable and safe if you don't know which one to order!

spiced apple juice (cinnamon, allspice, cardamom, clove), lemon juice, ginger ale
Dominated with cinnamon flavor, this might not be everyone's cup of tea. I personally love cinnamon and might want the apple's flavor to come out a little more. However, since it was a hot day, this one still is a great thirst quencher!

I remember the Lovely Lace store when I sipped this drink! HAHAHA tasted sooo much like flower, which gave a weird sensation at first! Made of rose tea, it's the main character that orchestrates orange juice and lime in an aromatic concert.

I'd say the 2nd floor is more appropriate to do something productive and private, or if you're up for a secret rendezvous!

Neoma Coffee Shop
Lippo Mall Puri
@The St. Moritz - Ground Floor
Jl. Puri Indah Raya Blok U1, Puri Indah CBD
Kembangan Selatan - Jakarta Barat 11610

Opening Hours :
Monday - Sunday : 09:00 am - 09:00 pm

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