24 May 2018


A new new place for K-poppers in South Jakarta! Let me present to you, Seoul Yummy at Lippo Mall Kemang, directly franchised from Singapore! Their numerous outlets in Singapore are just a dawwn for another expansion, this time to Jakarta. It's so fresh as this place is newly opened, a week before the fasting month began. Fresh!

I did say that this place is for K-poppers because the interior is specially designed with K-pop culture in mind. The color tone and mood as a whole brand is identical to their Singapore stores. The pop of color is what I like! Located in the festive outdoor area at Lippo Mall Kemang, which is my personal favorite spot to hang at, they flaunt themselves in transparent glass looking into their flying colors. Talk about eye catching details!

They have this philosophy of 3F: flavors, fashion and friendship. Quality of the product, fashionably cultured, and portion so big it's worth the sharing are their foundation! I personally love how they put fashion to represent their visual aesthetics, because you can literally take ootd pictures here!

The place is simple, neat, yet fully functional with one stove for each table. I like how they also value comfort within their design!

They even brought the Namsan Tower love lock concept! Since this place is new, nobody has attached theirs.. YET! So, are you willing to place it first?

Or if you don't feel like buying one, you can ask the waiters if you can write your names on it!

So their specialty drink in this place is SEOUL YUMMY ICE LEMON TEA WITH AIYU JELLY IDR 23K. This is so good, although to be honest, my personal preference is to never order drink without topping. Because I separate my what I slurp with what I munch! HAHAHA but well, it's certainly a great thirst quencher!

Banchan in a Korean restaurant is mandatory! They, however, only prepare homemade kimchi, radish, and cucumber pickles. Basics that make it by!

Although the original menu doesn't allow it, but I had half (left side) KIMCHI PANCAKE & half (right side) POTATO PANCAKE. The 4 slices of these both cost IDR 38 k though, which came at the same price as if you ordered one each.

The vinegar sauce is the winner for me, as if you eat by its own you might consider its taste a little weak, and I honestly prefer the potato as its more flavorful compared to its kimchi pancake.

For alternatives, they also have bulgogi beef priced at 48k. With 2 options of rice which are multi grain or white rice. I got a mix of them and really prefer their multigrain rice balls! The texture works much better for my palate!

Well I'm not sure about you, but since I'm a lover of bold taste, I decided to dip these to the pancake's vinegar sauce HAHAHA then they had their own kick!

Same with the Rice Balls, it also comes in Spicy Chicken flavor at 68k! Also, this one comes with an alternative BBQ sauce, although I still went for their original bibimbap sauce!

Sometimes I worry if my tongue is already too Indonesian, but I wanted everything to have BOLDER flavor :')

Stir Stir!

Here's my favorite onee! Their hotpot is so unique and I haven't seen this kind of festivity in a pot anywhere in Jakarta yet! Here comes ONNI CHEESE POT IDR 248K

When you just see it when it gets delivered to your table, everything is mostly fresh so you gotta get it cooked! This one is mostly seafood, both broth and topping. On the side you can see steamed egg, chicken wonton, corn cheese, as well as mozzarella! Too bad there's no refill for their topping!

I love how fresh each of the ingredients are. It's festive with a lot of mix in the flavor, which might be a bit of a turn off for people who don't really like to mix up their food, but hey, doing this once in a while is great too! They taste great anyway, and despite the color of broth, they're not spicy! 

I call this "sop seafood" HAHAHA

Another one to share for a table of 4! It strangely looks more little in portion though. I'm really intrigued to why it didn't taste as flavorful as its color suggests, it wasn't that spicy as well! Hmm..

I know this one looked like spam, but since this place is a Halal place, hold your horses! They're still planning to resupply their beef since they're not satisfied yet with their current supplier, and I agreed. There's much room for improvement!

You can see korean ramyon, tteokbokki, "spam", sausage, enoki, beancurd, baked beans, assorted vege and kimchi, all in one pot!

It kinda varies for people's palate, but for me personally, I wish for bolder flavor in every bite. Then again, this might do for others and I don't represent everyone's taste!

Back to the pot, this one's called OPPA CHEESE POT IDR 198K

You get to choose wings or drumsticks, but because I'm kinda paranoid with the health concerns for wings, I chose these drumsticks! They came in 2 flavors as well: soy garlic and sweet&spicy. I really love their soy garlic flavor as it goes in perfect harmony with the melted mozzarella. Lovely!

There are also side toppings such as these delicious cheese corn that is unfortunately non-refillable and came in small portion. Tha nachos, fries, and eggs are also lovely when you dip it in cheese. Priceless!

I suggest you to eat it right away while they're hot! I don't know but cold mozzarella isn't really my thing, it's meant to be eaten hot!

This one is my personal favorite pot, as it's the most flavorful of all!

Most of their desserts are bingsoo, and this one's called DRAMARAMA IDR 58K
Gosh this one is really good I tell you. My only plea is for smoother shaved ice, for I've once tasted ice so smooth it felt like snow. Not saying this one isn't, but they can do better!

The salted caramel flavor comes alive when you eat the chips together with popcorn!


I SWEAR TO YOU THIS ONE IS SO SO GOOD. The milo powder on top, shaved ice, and if you think about it, you come with the bombastic es kepal milo HAHAHAHAHAHA!! Just kidding, this one's even better because they're just so perfect to each other's presence. This place is doing consistently great with their desserts! 

Anyway, they're about to open a few other branches in Jakarta, so STAY TUNED! But for you who's not patient enough to wait, do come to Kemang!!

Seoul Yummy Indonesia
Kemang Village (Lippo Mall Kemang)
Avenue of The Star - Ground Floor
Jl. Pangeran Antasari No. 36
Bangka, Mampang Prpt.
Jakarta Selatan 12150

Opening Hours :
Monday - Sunday : 10:00 am - 10:00 pm


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