08 June 2018


Aren't you tired of me telling you that there's yet another new place? The development of retail and F&B in Jakarta is just insane! This place in Tanjung Duren is called Onni House. A hidden paradise missed by the eyes of passerbys! Anyway, the place isn't exactly located in the main road, so just look it up on your GPS! Parking was a bit of a challenge since it's located near KFC Tanjung Duren. They have been doing this florist-restaurant concept, but since the place already looks like a garden, I guess everyone assumed they're just a florist! There should have been writings stating that they have seats available, because what they're doing is ground breaking. 

Anyway since this is only a random visit, I didn't really get to know the brand history. All I see is what I know: beautifully instagenic! Perhaps since it's combined with a florist, everything just looks dazzling as the eyes could see. Also, flowers seem to be the trend now, and I just also posted something about it last night too! 

The front looked like the living room of the place. They're doing a house concept: there're the kitchen, dining table, etc. Cute!

So I left the 2nd floor to be a mystery since I wasn't in the mood to explore today. Besides, the ground floor is already pretty and I prefer to be a mannerful guest!

Just look at the amount of flowerss! They all look fresh, don't they? 

They also sell wooden home goods from Akar Woods, proper handiwork there! 

Anddd here's the restaurant! There are lots of tables and also a VIP room if you wanted to hold a private event!

Fancy ordering a bouquet for your loved ones? You can order one right here!

Anyway the place is so full! Perhaps not as overwhelmingly lavish like The Garden, but still lots of angles to take photos on!

The cuisine here is mostly Indonesian with a dash of casual western, such as pasta!

Each time you visit, you'll get this mini baby's breath bouquet! So sweet! I'd remember this, Onni!

Gosh, they use Namelaka for their desserts! Namelaka is well known for their choux, which is also available in Shophaus Menteng. The flavor I ordered is 

Do I need to say more? It tasted GREAT. Chilled, bursting with fillings of rich salted caramel. Really good although size was too small for me given the price.

So excited to have found out that they used fried rice! Concept is kinda fusion, eh?

Fried rice got this nice aroma thanks to the onions. The meat was also very tender. Comforting food!

This one's also good! Bun was soft, and teriyaki seemed to have used honey, which made it look burned. Anyway, I got this one as a second batch since the first one that came in gave an undercooked chicken. Hope they'll watch out for their QC next time!

Well, fries don't fail, but they certainly kinda cheated on this one since I smelled MSG! HAHA but if a foul game is well played, then it is a good game still!

They only open from 9am-9pm, but the place is overall comfortable to hang out, especially to just calmly read (or study!) Such a vibrant place to sit in! 

Onni House
Jl. Tanjung Duren Utara V No. 242
Tanjung Duren Utara, Grogol
Jakarta Barat 11470

Opening Hours: 09:00 am - 09:00 pm

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