15 June 2018


Did you know that there's such a hidden paradise called Plataran Menteng?? I had no idea why haven't I ever visited this place despite the place having been opened for 2 years. I felt like missing out! When you see its exterior, you wouldn't imagine that the place would be this spacious. It's a house that's gotten major interior makeover. 3 stories. Let's take a tour!

Entering in, you'd be asked if you had made prior reservation, because they're usually packed! I'm not sure if I was exaggerating, but it's fasting month and place was fully booked during lunch time, how about that. Reserve your seat before coming, just to make sure!

This classic drink bar looks like a home bar. I mean, the wooden cabinet itself looks like it's got legacy in itself! Anyway, each room has its own concept, therefore perfect for private events with your loved ones, from birthday to even wedding (trust me, the place is just THAT spacious!)

The Indonesian culinary soul within the place is translated and etched through its furniture color way as well as decoration pattern and details.

Anyway, the table setting is highly customized according to your reservation, so the room layout can change. You can request a table of 10, or even 2 for a romantic dinner setting.

There are of course lots of pretty instagenic corners. Since the place is known for a fine dining place, setting would fit the formals, and when you've dressed for the occasion, why wouldn't you take some pics of your best?: Some even took it in front of the toilet, that I understood why since even the restrooms were gorgeous.

Opening with something sweet and refreshing! :)

A mix of guava, jicama (it's yam, or mostly known as bengkuang) , dried tomatoes, grapefruit, harmonized with sweet and spicy dressing. It's a fancy version of rujak, something that my mom would totally love! Besides, it's healthy and packed with nutrition! 

I'd prefer it with more dressing, although this has already tasted good! Ingredients were also fresh!

Came in 5 pieces and peanut sauce, these meatballs are made with chicken and squid. I can assure you they used more meat than flour, unlike the cheaper meatballs you find elsewhere. It's really good and goes perfectly well with the sauce!

I. Want. More.

Don't be really surprised by the price, since it's what you'd expect from a fine dining restaurant. But my honest review is that they really live up to what they offer: each ingredients are used on an escalated level. Edible curry leaves, pure salted egg taste, and perfectly fried tofu are bomb. I wish they'd give bigger portion though.

They use organic white tofu, which is less egg-ish, soft and clean!

This is so refreshing. The sour and spicy taste of the broth just went to my throat smoothly. Ribs were perfectly tender, lots of filling, and rich in flavor. Gosh. LOVE IT!

Also a taste that the parents' generation would love. It's a living legacy of proper Indonesian cuisine. 

They gave you chili and lime in case you felt taste wasn't "strong enough". It's already perfect in my opinion though.

Taste like nasi uduk, but with added pandan aroma. I could just eat the rice without anything else and left satisfied.

People usually either order white rice or just this. Why? because keling means black, and you choose either one! :P

Black kalamata olive fried rice, chicken, crackers. Taste is a bit too "international" for me. Not that tasty despite the appetizing aroma from the spices.

This is my own best recommendation to eat fried rice: spooned with melinjo crackers (emping). exotic much? HAHA!

Ok, visual wise, it looked messy, but not with the taste! The sauce looked like salted egg, but it's actually yellow curry, which I think has a mix of salted egg in it. Can you imagine a mix of 2 delicious taste? Words can't even begin to describe!

The aromatic king prawn was fried first before they're sauteed with the sauce!

Roasted duck with traditional herb crumbs with curry leaves on top. Talk about exoticism!

They gave me 2 sauces, the green one is a mix of cut ginger, and coconut oil, and the other one is called saus pedas tasted more like sweet and spicy.

The portion itself was big, and what looked like floss was actually fried shallots!

This one is a must order! My personal favorite since it's so tender and flavorful!

Specially sold only on Sunday, 11am-3pm, they have this jajanan pasar, priced starting from IDR 5k per item!

There are lots of variation, from dry to wet cakes. Most of them are good I swear! Furthermore they're clean and healthy! Less risk of catching intestinal disease from bacteria thanks to actual jajanan pasar :p

There are risoles 13k++ and kroket 10k++ as well.

Ice cream scoop 35k++

This one is special! It's called gulali (not cotton candy), a hand shaped hard candy. Reminds me of my childhood! Anyway, this one is complimentary, you can ask for the SHAPE of the gulali as well. LOVE!

Here's what it looks like!

Going on with the tour, here's the 2nd floor. The connection between the design is the material and pattern of carving. Classical. 

They made a lot of VIP rooms here. Price for each room varies, but I heard there's a place that requires a minimum order of IDR 15,000,000! Truly belongs for the VIPs I guess.

Most of the rooms are indoors, but there's one that faces the window for a change, if you don't mind less privacy and better view like I do!

This one is the part that I love! The layout of the room is like an oval, so you can see downstairs from the void space, the hallway is green, a beautiful feast to the eyes.

OOTD stairs!

If you couldn't visualize the layout, here's the view from upstairs down.

3rd floor! Compared to the rooms in 2nd floor, this one is more of an open space meant for conference, big meeting, or wedding!

There's also the bar. So many concepts in one house, huh? Amazing!

Haven't I mentioned the rooftop? HA! It's special complimentary service for anyone who has dined downstairs to get fresh airs (or smoke) here. No additional charge. From here, you can see the tip top golden piece of Monas' peak!


They have a private room called the Cigar Room. It's locked and only reserved for special guests.

There's of course a minimum charge to use this room. More utilized to drink and smoke cigar, It's a different kind of function room with distinctive exclusivity!

That's it about Plataran Menteng. Impressive and significantly luxurious with good food and flexible functionality, brought privately, exclusively.

Plataran Menteng
Jl. HOS. Cokroaminoto No. 42
Gondangdia, Menteng
Jakarta Pusat 10350

Closed from 15-21 June 2018
Opening Hours: 11:00 AM - 10:00 PM


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