07 June 2018


There's always something new in PIK!! This one's crazy and I was SUPER excited to go to this place!! Why, you'd ask? BECAUSE THE PLACE IS JUST SO PRETTY! Gosh I'm flabbergasting! Look at this! Living up to its name, The Garden holds an entirely new concept of interior to the saturated, industrial and minimalist restaurants in Jakarta. This one is festive, but put in a good order.

It's located so close to Kanpai! So if you're headed from Puri area, the place will be on your left. Anyway, it's not really a secret that the owner of this place is also... the owner of Kanpai and Sushi Hiro. Talk about a brand portfolio! Anyway, have you set your bar up high? Because that's what they've done in their past projects, so did I expect for this! Let's find out! 

After getting your parking ticket, this view will be right in front of you. Talk about significant. I think they either use 2 or 3 shop houses, and anyway: Their opening hours include teatime, unlike Kanpai and Hiro! This place is just newly opened for public so it's real fresh! Or so I thought, because when I came, place is already packed! Gosh everyone's so up to date, huh?

Entering in, my jaw literally dropped upon witnessing its interiors! SO BEAUTIFUL! If you actually count, there were like 10++ angles to even take OOTDs here. No kidding. You be the judge, see the pictures!

Everything is shiny! The sun just compliments everything. At this point I'm not even sure if the plants are real although they do look so, but there's no forest like smell of leaves though! Anyway place was also super cold, not sure if it was kept that way to balance the sunlight, or for the plants (?)

Down the stairs, there's this ONE table. exclusive. Perfect for a private date or a secret rendezvous!

They even have bars with lots of cocktail selection! I wonder how would this place look at night <3

Hi :)

Now enjoy my room tour and plan your OOTDs. Planning to bring a change of outfit, perhaps?

Look at that toilet. Can't. Even.

Then this pretty little corner. Anyway the layout of the interior is like this L letter. This spot is left empty, meaning they already knew what its purpose would be for!

<3 <3 interior on point!

They even designed their menu book according to their theme! Look at that mini shovel! Anyway, I love their menu since it's everything with Asian twist, meaning: COMFORT FOOD!

It's in the healthy smoothie kinda part of the menu, that consists of banana passion, and strawberry. Perfect for a hot day out back from gardening WKWKWKWKWK

Crispy deep fried duck just never fails, especially if they also use kecombrang for the rice. Blissfully aromatic, tender, and rich with the Balinese urap. Comes with 3 types of chili that weren't that spicy, meaning that things're good. This one is a safe pick for taste, with a twist!

Portion is enough for one in my opinion, but you can share if you wanna try something else!

SUPER CRISPY PORK BELLY! Anyway I kinda got a misconception, since the it's caramelized, and I thought it used some kind of.. literal caramel sauce. ANYWAY! HAHA this one came in caramelized soy sauce with pieces of mango and nuts, which kinda reminded me of Thai salad in 4 pieces of heavenly belly!

Taste is kinda overwhelmed by the sweet sauce, although the pork was a winner for me!

All of their desserts were so tempting, though it's unfortunate that some of them weren't available when I came, so here are what I got:

Certainly not a day for diet. Chocolate brownies topped with Vanilla (menu said matcha but I guess they were out) ice cream, with nutella choux on the side! Worth the diet crash!

Am I the only one who'd wish for more chocolate chips icing?

Game breaker Nutella in dough just never fails.

It's basically vanilla mille crepe basked in Thai tea sauce. Anyway they give you alternative for the sauce, which are taro and milo.

Cake came in room temperature and although I'd prefer it to be chilled, this was still a good one. Anyway, they gave a perfect amount of sauce, although taste was a bit too shy for my palate. For me, if you've got it, you gotta flaunt it!

Bonus: A sneak peek for 2nd floor!!! It's still closed for public, but I know some people, so.. thank me later!

You can look downstairs and marvel its beauty from above!

It's more lively in the upstairs, more like a home than a garden, which is a good transition!

This part got little capacity though, this part could only hold like around 20 people!

Don't be bored with my OOTD, every corner is just worth taking a pic :')

Congratulations the Garden PIK!!!!! Love this place so much, felt like an escape from suffocating Jakarta. Short escape, hidden paradise!

The Garden Jakarta
Pantai Indah Kapuk (PIK)
Ruko Garden House Blok B no. 28
Jakarta Utara 14470

Opening Hours :
Monday - Sunday : 11:00 am - 09:30 pm (last order)