29 October 2018


WOOT WOOT! Do you have any idea what we're going to have this time? If you, like most Indonesians, love spices, you must've tried one of these fine specimens:

I came to Ayam Bersih Berkah, this one's at jl. Meruya Selatan no. 1 (you can waze it!), although location doesn't really matter since they already have 61 branches by now! 31 in Bandung, 30 in Jakarta.. Talk about growth!

Alright, before everything, why now? Why this one apart of so many other geprek out there? Let's find out!

First of all, hygiene! As you'd love the economical concept of ayam geprek, you'd be horrified to find out how most of them are lacking in hygiene! Keeping the price competitive, ABB (Ayam Bersih Berkah) opens up a humble establishment with proper kitchen equipment that are clean and well kept! Knowing this will at least give you some relief, that your delivery is not going to make your tummy feel a little bit funny! (Might still be though, if you eat too much chili!)

Here's their menu! Pretty neat, huh? Everything at value package with a lot of variants that any ayam geprek enthusiasts will LOVE!

Here's the good thing: you don't get to go out there to find an outlet: GoFood is the answer!

Here's what "cleanliness" is all about!

Admit it, you don't get to see this kind of open kitchen with meticulous SOP, do you? It's thanks to this you'd know you won't catch diarrhea!

nasi putih, ayam geprek paha atas/ dada, sambal pilihan ('taichan'/ pedas manis), kol goreng, telur dadar, teh manis dingin

Let's start with the favorite! I love how neat their presentation was, and followed with great taste as well! This one goes with crispy fried cabbage, omelette, and a choice of sambal! I picked 'taichan', my personal favorite! I love it because of its aroma that really blends with the spiciness!

It's aromatic, spicy, and tender! Just what you'd expect from something with quality!

nasi putih, ayam tumbuk paha atas/ dada, sambal pilihan (taichan/ 'pedas manis'), kulit nyoss, es teh manis

Alright, to try the other option, this one goes with 'sambal pedas manis'! It's more leaning towards sweet from a combination of chili and classic black soy sauce with a twist. Lovely!

It's named kulit nyoss because it's mak nyoss! Crispy savory goodness!

As the other one, they have the same tender consistency of meat, and while the 'taichan' offers you spicy-savory, this one is more sweet-spicy!

nasi putih, paha atas/ dada, sambal pilihan (taichan/ 'pedas manis'), es teh manis

Feeling old school and prefer it crisp? This one has the best of both worlds: Crispy skin outer with dipping sauce!

Look at how perfectly cooked each piece is!

I favor flavor!

What a feast!

Loved the chickens' consistency in delivering good quality, fresh, and savory flavor in each menu!

Closing everything with something sweet!

What'd you expect from the good, sweet treat of es kepal Milo? Guilty pleasure!

Anywayy, for all of these I only spent around IDR 90k! Pretty good value for money, huh? It was such a feast and I was full. GoFood just got another addition to my list of favorite order!

Ayam Bersih Berkah Meruya
Jl. Meruya Selatan No. 1
RT. 4/ RW. 7, Kembangan
Jakarta 11650

Opening Hours :
Everyday: 09:30 am - 09:30 pm


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