21 October 2018


It's time to dine with the star! A full course meal at Pa So La Ritz Carlton Pacific Place was a night to remember. This time, True Aussie Beef and Lamb presented its luscious Angus Beef Tenderloin in the masterful hands of 5-stars chefs in 4 different hotels! Our first itinerary was to experience Pa So La's interpretation of the dish by Chef Sean MacDougall. Chop chop!

Classy interiors and mouthwatering buffet made me wonder if it could fit my tummy after the full course, which apparently didn't happen!

Literal dining with the star. Isn't this scenery just romantic?

Welcomed with refreshing mocktail series got us pampered!

This one is my favorite I even had to ask the name of it, and it was exhilarating when the chef said: Jaipur
HA! What a coincidence, because if you've been following my blog, you'd know what I'm talking about. Anyway, the pink color explains it all: see the beauty of Jaipur in my post here!

The appetizer itself had already captured my palate! Each arancini ball is bite sized Rendang explosives that has the dry texture of arancini, but flavorful at the same time. Paired with carrot chips, rice crackers, and Indonesian styled handmade spicy sauces, I loved how Indonesia's rich, deep spicy flavors could be incorporated in an international dish with complexity and taste!

Now here's my favorite one out of the appetizers! Also topped with carrot chips, the sweet hint encapsulates the spring roll with a mix of lobster and prawn, full of savory flavor of the sea! Imagine biting succulent, juicy flavors of lobster in tender embrace of seaside scent!

As it suggested, the beef tongue balado mixes chili skin and salted beef skin crackers to a spicy tender tongue eaten together with a ball of red rice. I loved how the tender and juicy tongue is combined with chewy rice ball and crunchy crackers, it's like a kaleidoscope of textures!

Beetroot Anise Kecap, Turmeric Caramelised Shallot Sauce, Sambal Potato Bravas

Here comes the Main show!

The Indonesian interpretation by Chef Sean attempted a fusion of western steak with authentic local taste using Beetroot Puree, Anise Kecap, and Turmeric Caramelized Shallot sauce! Paired with Sambal Potato Bravas, you'll experience not only 3 flavors, but a rainbow of spice, sweet, savory, bitter, sour as well as umami!

Perfect medium rare! Needless to say, it was tender like love WKWKWKWK


It's dark Balinese thick cocoa served with kecombrang, strawberry, raspberry, and custard! Its thick texture and bitter dark chocolate might not be everyone's cup of tea, but I liked it since it went great with all the toppings. Still in harmony with Indonesian flavor, I am amazed at how they put kecombrang (Etlingera Elatior), a native Indonesian flower variant, into the recipe!

This one is even more daring. Colenak is a fermented cassava (yep, fermented) usually served with caramelized brown sugar sauce, this one served in the form of ice cream! I can't really describe the taste in words, because it's not a simple sweet with flavor as you'd usually taste any ice cream, as this is a mix of rich sweetness of Indonesian flavor with a little twist! 

This here is my favorite dessert pick! I'm actually amazed at how they brought together classic dishes and fuse it to an entirely different dish, such as this klappertaart made into raisin compote! It's creamy, rich, and refreshingly sweet. It was so smooth in both taste and texture it felt like eating the clouds!

That was a feast! Psst, if you were wondering if the course would be expensive since these were tailor made just for the season, here's some good news:

TADAAA! Danamon is holding a special 50% discount on these special dishes from 4 executive chefs! Each venue boasts a different type of meat from True Aussie, and keep updated, you'll find out about the rest soon enough! You can also find out how to get the credit card for this promotion, ahem, which might be your true priority, here! Also, if you'd like to know about True Aussie, you can find out more about them at www.trueaussiebeefandlamb.com.au !

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