01 November 2018


It's museum time!! Except that this one is not your stereotypical educational historical museum but quite the opposite: interactive contemporary one! SO! Before we start. here's what you'd want to know:

  • There are 14 rooms and 3 hallways (MEANING 17 different concepts!!)
  • DSLR Cameras are allowed (yippie for those who've been feeling discriminated by mirrorless users lately!)
  • Located very close to PIM 2! GPS from there and you won't get lost!
  • Opening hours: 11am - 7pm
  • Indoors, so don't worry about lightings!
  • They have a spacious parking lot since it's a 2 storey house. Besides, they provide valet service!
  • Museum is located on 2nd floor, so mind yourself!

Alright, are you ready? BUCKLE UP!

Oops, here's the most important information: Tickets are only available on the spot and here's the price list! 

You'll decide whether or not it's worth the visit from what you'll read! Also, there are some house rules to follow: no climbing, no smoking, no running, one way (you can't go back to the room you've left before), no re-allocating objects. What you can do, though, are dancing, selfie, and daydreaming HAHAHA! So fun, ain't it?

Here's the first room we'll enter. Here, we'll get some sweet treats such as Yupi gums, traditional snacks, etc. Look here! OH! Don't hesitate to ask for the staffs to take your photos because they'd absolutely love to do it with passion!

Cute. Gosh.


On to the 2nd room! You can ACTUALLY play the arcade. Color blocking makes this place perfect for photo taking!

These dried flowers are a bit fragile despite the beauty, so try your best to admire without touching!

Yet here there are wooden blocks that you can step on with sandals!

Giant Bean Bag
Shoes must be taken off. Sponsored by Lion Parcel, here's what you'll see!

- where everything is either a half-full of half-empty perspective for all our optimistic and pessimistic visitors !

So what do you see?

Beam lights in a colorized alleyway!

Smile, you're on camera! In this seemingly movie theater, we are the one being watched once we sit there. Kinda interesting of a concept, isn't it? Like a selfie, we are our own content-ment!

NAH! Here comes one of the most crowded space, and weirdly enough they don't really limit your time in this room, so it took some time waiting, especially when there was an insensitive group taking way too long! Sooo, be patient while queuing but also considerate for others!

Anyway since you'll be stepping on cotton cloud floors, it'll be slippery so watch your step! Take off your shoes and sit on the swing, then blink blink photo time!

This next room hereeee is sponsored by Snowman, your ballpoint supplier since elementary grade! Leave your mark here, literally, with a giant marker! No shoes here as well, so at this point you'd have to already consider eliminating the idea of even wearing shoes in the first place!

Here's my initial pose! If you remembered what I posted on my instagram, there's another different story HAHAHAHAHA-ppy late Halloween!

This projector filled room wasn't watched over by anyone when I came, so I didn't really get the intention. Oh well, leave your interpretation to your imagination!

inspired by the color Red, they burned their passion and love into the posters!

and, oh my God, you pretty thing,

you're my million dollar view :)


Not only a visualized pool of popcorn made real live size, you'll get real popcorn as well! Whee! You'll only get 5 minutes in this room though, so if you want to take photos, snap snap like you do rap! One of my followers in instagram asked if the 5 minutes time was per group or per individual, which was kinda confusing, but I think it's 5 minutes per group still, else it won't make sense, don't you think?

Anyway, watch your jewelries here because it'll be annoying to lose it in this pool!

Can you wait until the movie start?

Freedom of thoughts, but let's discuss: nature or nurture?

Minimized option leads to faster solution. Is it for the best?

Waves and reflections, because in the middle of the sea, you get to focus on your path while all you can see is the horizon and yourself!

you'll get actual marie regal here too, either the original or the new Marie duo.
Which one do you prefer?

The right side has a confetti shower, where you can get a rain of Marie Regal (obviously the sponsor) packaging in the form of Confetti! You can wear your shoes here so if you wanna flaunt your Louboutin or Sean Wotherspoon, here's the time!


Remember that life is a celebration, and gratefulness and joy comes from within.

I love you! xoxo

Jl. Metro Pondok Indah Blok Tb No. 27
Pondok Pinang, Kebayoran Lama
Jakarta Selatan 12310

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