22 December 2018


It's open for public today! Congratulations! I got the privilege to experience it firsthand and if you're looking for a great place for Christmas dinner / lunch, this one is recommended! Especially that this place is freshly new and just arrived from Singapore! Its first establishment is located in PIM Street Gallery 1st floor. It's called Collin's Grill, and although I've never tried it in Singapore, the class is comparable to TGIFridays I guess? Their menu varies from salad, soup, baked rice, all day brunch, seafood, pasta, steak, pizza, dessert.. What a feast of variety! 

There are indoor and outdoor spaces as well as private rooms. Book as you'd like!

Jet black menu book. Isn't it cool?

Served with egg nasi goreng, seasonal vegetables and teriyaki sauce

Trust me, this is my overall favorite from this place! It sounds simple as it's just as it's told: grilled pork belly with teriyaki sauce and butter fried rice side. So Asian, you might say, but it's just perfect! The meat has a perfect proportion of 70:30 meat over fat (this is my own rough estimation though, don't take it into accurate measurement) but I wish they served more portion of rice though! It went really perfect together and it only took me a bite to finish the rice :)


This one's my 2nd favorite! It's called
Mussels, prawns, clams, squid, tomatoes, Italian risotto

This one is a must share! It serves in big portion which justifies the price! It kinda resembled Spanish paella, I know. Except that it's Italian risotto!!! It tasted more bold, which is really my thing! Main difference with paella is not just the seasoning, but especially the texture, since they use risotto rice! The risotto is really good, and although there isn't that much topping, it's still worth finishing the risotto alone.

Minced beef, tomato sauce and mozzarella

Being completely honest, you can look for this one elsewhere. Rasa yang pernah ada~ Basically what you imagine the taste would be, that would be. Kwkw

with spaghetti aglio olio, corn cob, mesclun salad, and choice of mushroom sauce/ barbecue sauce/ blackpepper sauce

It's worth being called the signature because it doesn't taste like any chicken chop you can find in other places! While actually it's grilled boneless chicken, I really like their marinated sauce flavor that makes it already good even if you don't dunk it to the sauce! Their sauce is also good, don't get me wrong, and I got mushroom and black pepper for me. Anyway you can also see the salad and cherry tomato, and I dare tell you that the cherry tomato IS SO DAMN GOOD!!! It's pre-marinated, making it something like pickled sweets that tastes like plum!

Their aglio olio was kinda bland though. But then again that's my palate.

with teriyaki sauce

The sauce is exactly the same as the pork belly (which tastes good!), the only difference is that here you can see a mermaid shaped squid HAHAHA! It's gigantic yet so tender. Kudos to the chef as this one is perfectly grilled! Also, they have this cherry tomato ma luph.

1/2 roasted chicken, 1/2 roasted bbq ribs, bratwurst, battered fish, sea salt fries, corn cob, coleslaw, crunchy salad and chicken gravy

A festive combo of each protein! However, my only favorite was only the fried fish huhu. The Roasted chicken was kinda bland, Ribs was kinda dry and although it's unfair I directly compared it to Tony Roma's and they aren't even close. Their french fries was also mushy, not in the perfect mushy McDonald's way, but real mushy. The savior was their garlic aioli since you can just dunk everything there and acquire some flavors.

served with cheesy potato gratin, seasonal vegetables, corn cob, grilled capsicum, barbecue sauce, black pepper sauce and chili tumeric hollandaise

If you asked me whether I'd pick the platter of this ribs, I still prefer the platter, but my friends voted for this. If the ribs above was dry, this one is D R Y. I mean ok the meat inside is still tender, but still makes the flavor so light and only tasty with the sauce. Could be shared among 2 people max!

BTW! Their potato gratin is so good! Cheesy and crunchy, yet again, too bad they only have it in small portion :(

This one is not on sale yet, and it's not even in the menu. Ako merasa special wow WKWKWK. It's 45 days dry aged beef, served medium with additional hot stones in case you want to heat it more. In my opinion for dry aged beef, it tasted quite ordinary, lacking the particular smell of aged "zombie" aroma HAHA!

Anyway, here's the outdoor seating: Less seating, but with pool view! It's pretty, but non air conditioned, which is kind of a no no for me since we're in Jakarta.

Look at that pool view!


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