15 December 2018


Kapan nikah?
HAHAHA! NO It's NOT Bridestory's exhibition where only lovey-dovey couples can go to! It's the HALUU WORLD! Open for public 15th of December 2018, which isss TODAY!
Before we start, here's my wisdom time:
  • HTM weekend IDR 110k
  • HTM weekdays IDR 90k
  • You can book through @bookmyshowid but it's subject to tax and service.
  • Located in 5th floor of Plaza Indonesia
  • It'll be a one way journey, just as MOJA, you can't go back to previous installation
  • There's a time limit on each installation. SNAP SNAP OUT OF IT!
  • I suggest you to wear slippers/slip on, some requires you to put your shoes off!

This guy above is hilarious 'coz he's so HALU.

Here's some of the installation! There are supposedly the titles and readings for each one, but since time was limited, I forgot to take pics of them! Oops, let this one be another visual journey!

At least I remember that this one is called the Path to Riches, made of "golden" bricks, WALK WITH AN AMEN EVERYBODEH!

If you feel broken, release the kraken in you! Hustle!!

One of the most coveted installation! The balloon is re-pumped every time someone goes in, and needless to say, throwing confetti in your own space is always fun!!!!

A moment of advice, don't take too much, they'll stick on every inch of your body :')

You can drop a coin here and make a wish! But if you wish to be rich, don't take the coins of other people's wishes, it's a jinx HAHA

Wishing to the dwarfs!


Just like Yayoi Kusama's infinity room, this one has infinity poop. If you've been following my instagram and blog, this might be a good omen to eradicate constipation once and for all!

They even have buzzing fly sound inside! I could imagine the smell I swear.

The future is....female! #callingalltriggeredchauvinists

Here you can turn from being a wallflower to a wall of flower!

When everyone arrived here, everyone giggled and everyone hesitated.
So anyway, when?

Hehe. Kapan-kapan.

City of dreams. Kinda reminded me of La La Land. Romantic, isn't it?

Meet me by the carousel!

You'll get it when you've come here!

The forest of the dwarfs. Starting to think if this place was built by people in hallucinogen.

Dem eyes starin' at cha. Sumber Matchalah.

Apple garden that reminds me on rainbow wheel of old Macbook. Scary!

Laper akutu.

Your chance to swim in a bowl of Indomie!

That's it folks! It's open for public TODAY so be sure to GET SET GO!!!

Don't forget, this is only a temporary exhibition until March 3rd 2019, quite long, but the hype won't wait! Fun fun weekend awaits!


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