20 December 2018


There's a new coffee shop opening in Kelapa Gading! It's at Ruko Gading Kirana and, well, just use GPS HAHAHA! Honestly, it's my first time visiting this complex, and Kohicha is the only coffee shop standing in this vicinity. Freshly opened just last Saturday, you can hit the hype at @kohichacafe!

They have 2 stories and since I came during the grand opening, it was fully packed with both humans and flowers.. While the 1st floor only fit a few, the 2nd floor is spacious and more fitting for larger groups! Psst, look at these proper coffee equipment!

Aside of coffee, they also sell super food such as chia seed on level 3. If you're just curious and wanna order something that's already prepared, go for their almond chia pudding!

Flowery bar for the opening!

Look at these lovely, colorful ceramic mugs!

In case you're wondering, the mural represents the cycle of coffee making.



It's really good!! I love how they make the temperature so balanced, and as usual, Korte keeps up their game with the rich, subtly sweet yet balanced body of chocolate. Boom! If you're also a fan of Korte, you can also try their Matcha and Hojicha as well!

This is a Mocktail that goes with the description of "pinky promise this drink will satisfy you." and I have to agree! I was sooo satisfied and surprised that they're not carbonated for a mocktail! I'm not a fan of soda, and this one is not only aromatic, but also sweetly refreshing! So. Good.

On to the 2nd floor!

Is it Geisha? The coffee pun is real HA!

Full house! The main icon of this place would be THEM AUTUMN LEAVES. If it was empty I'd definitely take my OOTD there. I think they did a pretty good job in dividing the place, where the 2nd floor is more suitable for a group gathering while the ground floor is more suitable for a more private and quick seating!

Deep fried chicken wings with blackpepper teriyaki glaze

It's sweet! It's not the crispy type of tebasaki but I think it tastes good!

Japanese style fried rice with crabstick and mixed vegetables served with chicken karaage

The chicken karaage tastes exactly the same as the chicken wings! The only difference would be that this one's boneless and also a bit crunchier. I usually get bored with fried rice as they're often monotonous, but not with this one! It's simple, yet keep you digging for more! They use japanese rice, so the texture is softer than Indonesian fried rice which is more dry.

Toppings are menarique: mushroom, tofu, crab stick!

Tossed with creamy mentaiko sauce

This one tastes GREAT!!!! Well balanced cream with proper, authentic Japanese taste. It's aromatic and have a lot of topping inside! They have an alternative of chicken for just IDR 60k as well!

Pan-seared salmon teriyaki with vegetables over rice

I don't really agree with the description that they have vegetables while only giving 4 stalks of long bean and 3 stalks mushrooms. Literally. HAHAHA! At least their salmon is REAL delicacy! It's juicy, but also well cooked. It's more of a comfort food, really, but I needed more of these rather than just visually aesthetic food sometimes!

The rice texture is also similar to their fried rice. I'm pretty sure they use Japanese rice!

I have so much LOVE for their food and drink! It's really consistent considering I came during rush hour, yet everything tasted great! I hope when you came here, taste will still be as consistent. A dessert tip for you: order their creme brulee for just IDR 30k. suer enak binggo.


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