14 December 2018


Alright, so I can finally confirm the rumor about the beauty of Austria. I'd say that it's MAJESTIC! It's not just a post-card destination where it looks good in the picture, but they have scenic natural landscape that's simply breathtaking. So this December I went to Eastern Europe (which you must've known if you've been following me on my instagram!). I went to 6 countries: Germany, Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, and Austria. None of these is below any standard, but since I love nature so much, what really touched my heart was Austria. I visited Salzburg, Hallstatt, and Innsbruck, where in Salzburg I only visited Mozart's residence and Mirabell Garden (where they shot Sound of Music), so it didn't leave much impression.

NAH! So what really stole my heart was Hallstatt (this one's plain beauty) and Innsbruck (a town surrounded by snowy mountain range!). Both are small town, but here I'll show you what these seemingly "small" town have to offer! Anyway, everything here was taken with iPhone only, so pardon me if the quality is not as good!


I traveled through land route, so it's basically a road trip. On the way to Hallstatt, I didn't sleep at all since the view was already so beautiful, so I stood by to enjoy it and tried to capture as much as I could! (needless to say, more effort was spent on standing by on phone camera rather than just sit the view!). I even felt like stopping for a bit to take pictures, but too bad it was through a highway so we couldn't! The trip from Salzburg to Hallstatt took around 1.5 hours, but it seemed long since there was no traffic jam at all!

The moment you got out this tunnel, take a sharp left to park your vehicles and if you can instantly find people taking photos beside the lake, then THAT'S THE PLACE HAHA!

This picture was effortlessly taken on the bus parking lot. Isn't it great? At least for me it is! However I'll show you something better!! Keep reading!!!

Actually Hallstatt is a small village with hills on the left and lake on the right, surrounded by snowy mountain range. You heard that right. Crazy awesome but also supposedly freezing! But apparently it's not! So I found this fun fact: The fact that a town is surrounded by a mountain range is not that cold (perhaps because they block the wind or something? I'm not sure!), but wherever I went to see a wilderness, it became real freezing.

So if you ain't taking any tour, I'll show you the iconic photo spot of Hallstatt, just like my most upper picture! So Hallstatt is shaped like the letter U and you can just walk through the lake to the other end until you get literally across your arrival point. You can google maps this spot or just follow the crowd, since it's quite popular!

Just from this lake, I got 3 beautiful landscape photos by only turning around. This one was taken in the middle.

Turn left:

then right: 


This is the residential area where you can also find restaurants, inns, etc with that lake view. Since this was already near Christmas, everyone has pretty much decorated their place!

If you have a lot of time and love to explore and take pictures, do explore each alley since each of them is unique and beautiful! In this place, wherever you step and turn is always beautiful. Gosh.

Can you find the waterfall on the photo below?


Isn't it just beautiful when you see architecture that blends this well with nature?

Here we are on the iconic spot! See these numerous tourists? Just as usual though, the most amount of the lots go to China......

You got to QUEUE to take turns just for this pic, because this church and mountain background is the icon. Well it IS beautiful, so you be the judge if it's worth the wait or not!

Not my car.

Not my boat.

Not my family.

OH! When I was here I had no idea what to eat, so this is my tips: Find the most crowded place. So I picked this place called Schirmbar, across the lake where you entered town. The food was quite varied with spaghetti, fish, chicken, and salad. Here, you can also find beer, chocolate, and coffee which are pretty nice.

Of course I picked this one!


Expectation: Ski jump in Bergisel, Gondola ride from Nordkettenbahnen to see the town from above, Alpenzoo, and other snow sports. I googled everything and it's so fun and beautiful! ... Except that when I came here it wasn't snowing so I only went to Golden Roof and Oldtown :) I'm ok. At least I got cool pictures!

What did you just say? Christkindlmarkt?

After the lake view comes river view!!!

Just an ordinary alley. Keep scrolling.

That's it! I loved how iconic and beautiful these two towns are! Wait... so is that it? That's all you get to share from the whole Eastern European tour??? Glad you asked: IT'S NOT!!! STAY TUNED TO MY NEXT POST EVERYONEEE!!!


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