06 March 2019


All you can eat? Yep. Guys. All you can eat! You ain't reading it wrong! While there is scarcity in AYCE KorBeq, now we have a no pork, no lard, safe to consume for all AYCE! Hmm? How much per pax, you'd ask? You'd think I'll tell you straight up at this point? Tidak semudah itu, Ferguso. Keep reading!

Anyway, this Magal AYCE beef is only available at 5th floor of Senayan City. I personally think this is totally worth the price, since portions are big and there is a huge variety of menu. They also have chicken as an alternative to beef!

Here's the price! It includes soft drink / ocha and dessert by Gaya Gelato! BOOM! Talk about value! 

The regular seating area is normally filled with 4 seated table, and meanwhile the VIP rooms have a table for 6, with 2 tables in each room.

Anyway, I got the premium package of 299.000++ which has a lot more variety in the menu. Time is 90mins and you can add IDR 50k for 30mins additional time, per person. Alright, now: the food! 

Banchan! AYCE as well for sure but I bet you wouldn't just pick the banchan during AYCE occasion, would you?

Woosul Gul (beef tongue)

Bottom right: Nunkkotsal (prime beef boneless short rib),
Bottom left: Kkotsal Jumulleok (marinated beef boneless short rib),
Upper right: Jumulleok So Galbisal (marinated prime beef rib finger),
Upper left: So Yangnyeom Galbi (marinated prime short rib)

Personal tips from me: if you like stronger taste, always order the marinated ones. Everything will taste great even without the sauce, while the non-marinated will require you to really season them yourselves. Your pick!

Chadolbakyi (paper thin sliced prime)

So Galbisal (prime beef rib finger)


Hot Pepper Squid

Trust me, you'd love grilled pineapples.

They have 2 types of Bibimbbaps: Hot stone or Original stone. I prefer the hot stone one since it develops rice crackers. Anyway. they have the same topping and sauce. 


Kimchi Stew with Beef Brisket

Haemul Kimchi Pajeon.
They also have original pajeon, colored slightly yellowish.

Tokpoki  and Japchae

There was short rib mentioned on the menu description, but I didn't find anything but fishcakes. Well, not complaining since it's an AYCE, I can just order it myself!

Japchae was also great. Downside is their filling portion, which is good for a la carte, but bad news for AYCE HAHAHA!

They also have 3 types of ramyeon: kimchi, haemul (seafood), and gyeran (egg). This one's kimchi!

Texture was like instant noodle, but taste was DELISH!

Spicy Beef Back Rib Soup
This soup has the best value. Loads of meat with glass noodle and egg. The spicy and sour taste was great. Delicious.

Beef BBQ Hotplate

Isn't it crazy? Those were not everything! There are ox bone soup beef brisket, tofu stew seafood, soybean paste stew beef brisket. I felt full even before trying the meat. I intended to focus on eating the meat but since it was my first time, there were a lot of mouthwatering menus to order, especially the soup! Come on, soup and Korbeq combo is the best!

Alright it's the grilling part now!
Chicken Grill:
there are spicy boneless chicken feet, fire taste chicken, and spicy fire taste chicken.

Here's the beef, everything is mixed already but my favorites are whatever that's marinated!

BTW since it's AYCE, don't expect the waiters to cook for you! Self service y'all!

You can also request to grill eggs on the pan's edges. If you love kimchi, you can slice them and put it on the eggs!

True to its name, Magal Premium also have a la carte meat options outside their AYCE! This Wagyu Mb7 melts in your mouth, with an entirely different plating!

Look at its own plating! Premium stuffs deserve a standing out placement!

Alright back to the main topic: prawns

Grilled pineapples! Here's what I'm talking about!

Dessert timeee! Aside of Gaya Gelato, there are also iced lattes and watermelons. If you're a sweet tooth, order Gaya gelato's caramel and matcha. Heavenly. They also have soursop sorbet, which is pretty unique!

I'm overall in love with their marinated beef. Another recommendation is to book first before your visit, or come outside peak hours. When I came here, everything was perfect; however it doesn't seem to be what happened to some people I know, who got slow service and delivery during their peak hour visit.

Itadakimasu, Bon App-, oh well,
selamat mencobaaa!


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