01 August 2019


FINALLY cleaning up cobs of spiders' web in this blog! Sheesh! A round of applause for this update please uwu WKWKWWK! Since I'm a lone ranger who works personally as a freelance as well, it's sometimes really tough to find a time to post my blog. 24 hours a day aren't enough, don't you think? I do spend a lot of time to get my butt to the gym (compensating the foodie calorie! Remember, health is the best investment!) work, quality time with my inner circle, and.... my boyfriend. He he he. Different from the Instagram, I have a lot of stories to tell here!

Nah, this article would specifically talk about my personal list of recommendation for best food and boba in one of our favorite short getaway destinations (other than Bali, ya ya ya): SINGAPORE! You can see it on my Instagram highlight, but as usual, here's the overall experience and review!
Buckle up ah~!

1. HOTPOT: HAI DI LAO (above) & BEAUTY IN THE POT (below) 

Any Indonesian who's coming to Singapore would crave for Hotpot, is this just a stereotype or just the TRUTH? HAHA! Because I'm pretty sure we would! Anyway, these 2 brands are the most popular among Indonesians and they open till late, although some branches' opening hours differ. If you asked me, I personally prefer the taste of Beauty in the Pot HOWEVER nothing beats Hai Di Lao's service (they even replaced a dropped phone's tempered glass, gokil)! Price range is similar, per person would cost around SGD 60-70.

2. This is the most FRESHLY roasted in town: % ARABICA
from Japan to Arab Street, Singapore. I haven't given it a try to be honest because the queue was just BLOODY long, but any coffee fan would always drop this place by! psst.. I heard they're also opening in Indonesia soon! Keep updated with me on Instagram!

Also a personal observation. These 3 boba brands are the most popular among Indonesians. Which one is the best, you'd ask? All different! All three are delicious in a different way, let me elaborate! My favorite on Hey Tea is their Bobo Ice Cream, while I just LOVE any of Tiger Sugar's menu since they have equally outstanding drink and boba flavor! Between you and me: order Brown Sugar Boba Milk with Cream Mousse. As for R&B, everything is also great but DO ORDER anything with their Cheese Brulee. MUST. 

This has been quoted a legendary hawker food. This fish ball dry noodle costs only for SGD 5.50. They're so good that if you look carefully enough, there's a JASTIP for THIS. To JAKARTA.

Another one of the most recommended list that I missed because of the crazy queue! Most people that I know and have been here all said it's good! But look at the crowd: it just wasn't my luck since I had limited time here!

You can say it's like the Wing Heng of Singapore, only that Swee Choon doesn't open for 24 hours! I think they're more famous because of the value since the taste are just okay for me. My favorite was their omelette, which kinda proves the mediocrity of the rest.

Okay straight to the point: ORDER their Mutton Biryani, enak poll. Their generous portion enables you to share between 2-3 people, and there are several branches of this place: some are dirtier than the others while some could be squeaky clean and proper! Oh and another thing to recommend: their Chicken Tandoori is also great! 

It was so lucky of me to not queue at all when I came here! I sat in the bar where we can see them grilling the unagi, which might be kinda disgusting to some of you, but I love it! The food here is kinda pricey but I tell you: It's worth the price tag!!! Imagine me saying that they can justify the SGD 50 per portion average price tag with taste and quality. I ordered this Wagyu Tataki Hitsumabushi for SGD 48.80. That good.

There are 2 of them guys. Got this Char Siew Wantan Mee (Located at the same street of Ponggol nasi lemak) & Wantan Noodle (this one's just across Ponggol). I liked the first one better, and read along to know why!

Ta-da! This one has AIR CON PEOPLE! WHEEEW! wkwkwkwk ANYWAY! You'll get 3 wantans for ordering the wantan mee, and even without you adding condiments like chili flakes etc, it's already good! So taste is first before adding anything!

This one is the flip side.. Non air-conned, oily, yet bland noodles that requires you to add your own condiments until it suits your taste. Anyway, the difference is: you don't get the 3 wantan pieces I mentioned from the same brand across the street HERE. Instead, they give you ampas bebong (pork crackles)

Also a Japan-based coffee shop, this one has opened before %Arabica did. I don't have much to say about coffee since I'm not a connoisseur, especially in this third wave coffee age where it's a serious business! Did you know there's even a global scale competition for coffee tasting? How could my humble palate come to compare? HA! Anyway I ordered these cute desserts, which are their specialty! It's scary how they specialize in both coffee and this cute desserts, since other friends who came here said their coffee is also proper and good. However, this place is also crowded as I was on a waiting list when I came!

According to Hans Danial (or eatandtreats, in case you prefer aliases), each Singapore visit is worth coming to this 1 shop! This place is crowded but since I'm no coffee fans, I ordered their (really good) choco banana muffin, so you can order this to accompany your partner/family/friends for their caffeine fix HAHA!

You can't ride cab along the street during evening time since they'll be full of food stalls (wait did it just sound like Jakarta? But at least I bet they properly pay tax that doesn't go to pung- ok I should stop :p Everything is here starting from AYCE BBQ, shabu-shabu, etc. It's on Bugis Street, and mind you, assign a group member to find a seat for y'all because it's war yo! Craaayy dense with people, not that good if you're an introvert/having social anxiety. Anyway, their desserts are refreshing!  Mango Sago & Pomelo SGD 4.5 - Watermelon & Honeydew Sago SGD 3.60 - Durian Sago SGD 6.50. They're ok I guess.

13. LIHO
Alright so this one is unique because it was actually the most popular boba drink in Singapore before the late bloomers but it didn't get enough coverage to the Indonesian network I guess! I ordered Brown Sugar Pearl Salted Caramel Fresh Milk, which is REALLY GOOD! The price for L size was SGD 4.90. It's as sporadic as Chatime or Koi in Jakarta, so you can find them in a lot of places, but for generic Indonesian touristy area, Orchard Gateway and Wisma Atria branch would be your to go spot!

Here goes the current hit! Queue goes from 313 Somerset (according to netizens, because there wasn't any queue when I got here kwkw lucky). Honestly though, it tasted kinda mediocre to me. Ordered Fresh Milk with Brown Sugar Bubble for SGD 5 but it's no different from your ordinary boba brand in Jakarta. Not saying they're bad, just average-okayish I guess!

Cute packaging tho!

Frankly speaking, I rarely see Indonesian visitors posting Ice cream/gelato place in Singapore, which is kinda weird knowing how HOT Singapore could be! So, I found this locally popular place that's good for to go! Anyway, they don't have seating area and the queue is long, but it's quite worth the wait for any scorching day treat! My favorites are Lychee Raspberry and Chrysantemum although they'd absolutely recommend you their Houjicha!

I was brought here by Zippy (authentic Singaporean!), which is located in a hawker center that's only open during mornings. It's FREAKIN' GOOD. Kearifan lokal guys. Hidden jewel!

There are lots of location and each location offers a different kind of broth. I had this lobster king broth and I swear it's just wonderful. It's rich and even after having finished eating, its aroma still lingers in my throat WKWKWKWK. It's legit! They also have other broths such as kani, tonkotsu, etc but I recommend you to try this one should you stumble upon this place!

You can find this in Upper Thompson area and it opens until 11pm. I ordered Yang Di Claypot and it came like a bubbling lava WKWKWKWK it's such a treat! Anyway, it tastes exactly like Tomyum Mama instant that you can get from Thailand. Exactly the same (which is good, it means you can trust what they sell too, but don't expect gourmet-y different experience other than they put fresh seafood here! You MUST get their Boneless Chicken Wings. Wenak.

If you're waiting for your flight in Jewel Changi, you can give Signature KOI a chance! I honestly don't know what differs them from regular KOI which is already good but it's kinda more premium I guess? They have seating area with pastries, which makes them a legit coffee shop chain on par with Starbucks in term of menu variants!

Alright since they don't have it (anymore) here, (and it tasted different anyway) I honestly think there's nothing that comes close to this! Therefore, it goes to my MUST GO list in Singapore! A perfect mix of tasty and crunchy, their chicken just tastes the best because you won't find it similar to anyone! Remember to eat fast food in moderation, and in case you wonder, this is what also drives me to do a lot of classes in my neighborhood gym (if it doesn't ring a bell to you, follow my journey on Instagram!) See you around on my next journey!