19 November 2019


HOWDY! Unlike the usual fun-related Cindy, today I want to tell you about this mind blowing event I went earlier this week: The use of styrofoam (polystyrene) box for takeaway food. IF you've been following the news for the past years, there has been debate about whether this box is safe food containers. This time, I was accompanied (and enlightened) by not only Dr. Akhmad Zainal Abidin, Msc., PhD., which is the head researcher of Laboratory of Technology in Polymer and Membrane in Insititut Teknologi Bandung, but also Chef Lucky Andreono, the first winner of Master Chef Indonesia!

In case you're wondering, I'm thinking of the same thing: WHAT WILL HE COOK, RIGHT?!
I'm curious about the topic, but my foodie heart just burns!

Misspelled as usual.

It was started with Chef Lucky explaining everything about cooking! His part is to explain the simplicity and cost efficiency of healthy takeaway foods that are totally doable at home! Gosh, such a useful knowledge fore me before getting married! HA!

Upon further introduction, he happened to be a Melbourne graduate! No wonder he's bright and confident!

Here's the main topic: IS. IT. SAFE?

He proceeded by explaining to us what POLYSTYRENE is. I had no idea that what we thought would have been "styrofoam" itself has a lot of variants, and the latest technology has offered us nothing but polystyrene! Completely different than styrene, which is said to be poisonous, polystyrene is a foam compound that has so many beneficial use for the society. It's not only light and tough, but also clean, recyclable, good heat isolator, and most importantly, economic!

The worry of the people is especially about when all the ingredients have to go through this boiling oil before directly touching the boxes! But no worries because its melting point is around 240 degrees celcius, where hot oil for cooking is usually around 100! Hence it's completely SAFE.

I love it how Dr. Akhmad said that "I'm a man of science. I believe results of research, not myths." YES! In this age of information, so many people are easily misled by hoaxes, but remember technology is THERE to make us further step forward, not otherwise!

"Yes, in the past, it used to be a predicament because there was that tendency where the quality of boxes never meet the health standard. HOWEVER, we now create food grade styrofoam boxes with polystyrene readily available throughout the nation, in which you don't even need to layer it with plastic sheet to keep its safety!"

It's even save to put hot, sizzling food inside!

Here it is! This is the information you need when getting one! One of the important clue is to observe the texture. The good quality boxes retain their shape, and it shows that it has not been repeatedly used. The polystyrene boxes circulated throughout the nation is already this safe to use! Plus, polystyrene is environmentally friendly because of its low maintenance characteristics in both production and recycling, making it produce less carbon footprint! It takes only seconds to recycle, so for you who previously have joined "no styrofoam" campaign in the past, let me update: it really is a thing of the past!

Aren't you glad of technology? But anyway, make sure you get to pick the ones using polystyrene!


Trying it right away, because fear did not stay!

Verdict: his "home" cooking were really simple, yet SO GOOD. I can't believe he cooked all these JUST with household ingredients! Imagine how you can make your family happy if you had such skills!

Zero waste campaign: Dr. Akhmad also leads this waste management business that actually turns trash into MONEY, while doing good to the environment! I am more than eager to see how the world will unfold in a better way, because with all the scary news about environment, surely days like these give you hope in the progress of humanity. All the best for these two awesome people! You guys are making the world a better place!

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