16 January 2020


First ever article in 2020 falls onto... MYANMAR!!! WKWKWKW if you've been following me, you'd have known I went here in November 2019, but I could only find time to write just now huehehe. It's such a rare destination for people, and I was even shocked to go on this random trip together with my college friends! Three of us went here for a week trip, a not (too) torturing budget trip, per se! So the general itinerary is Jakarta - Malaysia (transit) - Yangon - Bagan - Mandalay - Thailand (transit) - Jakarta. We didn't have any solid itinerary, so we just kinda winged it but it doesn't mean the trip's no fun! Find out more! Scroll scroll, let's roll!

We start from exchanging rupiah to kyat. We didn't exchange in Indonesia because NOBODY sells kyat, so we did so at Yangon Airport. 1 kyat = <10 rupiah.