Just 2 girls who love to eat without worrying about things like cholesterol or diabetes or any other kind of diseases..yet! XD
We are June and Cindy! Been friends since high school, yes, 'friends', we're not sisters or even twins, which you can clearly see for yourself. We don't look alike at all, June has slanted eyes and often asked if she's Japanese and Cindy is that tall girl, who could pass a model..lol! So if you ever come across 2 girls with these characteristics, then that might be us! :p

Since we're not sisters, you probably wonder how we could still be this close even after high school. Well, that's because we grew up in the same community and we're in the same church! What we aim for by making this blog is to help others who are curious about restaurants in Jakarta, since we are also people who'll look a new restaurant up on a blog, so we thought that maybe there are a lot of people like us. If you're wondering, both of us have our own job, June does all the writings and tries her best to keep you interested while giving important information, whilst Cindy takes all the photos and makes an effort to make all the foods drool-worthy!

We both clearly realize that this blog is still far from perfect, so we would really appreciate any constructive criticism from all of you! We would also apologize in advance for anything that might unintentionally offend you! Now that all of that's said;


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  1. Its amazing photos aloved reading your inforative article about the trip to Maldives :)