Having been an inhabitant of the city of Jakarta all my life, my hobby of following the up and about current trend in culinary has brought me in a long journey of learning. It all began when I (as well as many others) started taking photos of what I'm about to eat, since culinary business was booming in Jakarta, and still is! With so many new, exciting places and concept to explore and find, won't you find it fun to keep record of the journey you've been? Hence I decided to start up a blog on top of my visual diary on instagram!

Time flies by and it's been years since the blog was founded, and this blog has always been something I hold dear as my wanderlust only increases, insatiable as my soul wishes to go for further abound, finding new places and seeking new moments to experience!

I am grateful for each and everyone of you who have been there to witness and support my personal journey. Let's discover more of what our lives have in store and above all:


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  1. Its amazing photos aloved reading your inforative article about the trip to Maldives :)