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  1. Hi Cindy & June, we love your food blogger. Its very nice, entertaining and want us to try all those places.
    Regarding our review on La Madame, someone called MBC MBC has copied most of our words style in the opposite meaning, and we believe she/he is related to that place.
    I do not mind for this, as public can understand that she / he is unhappy with our critics.
    But in the future, it might have to be careful with this kind of response as it is not so good for your blog.
    Please note that we went there with some Peranakan experts, one is a professor of sosiology, Peranakan culinary expert and the rest who are involved in a lot of Peranakan culture. So what we put on the review is a true disappointment.
    Thank you.

  2. sory..saya tlp k no yang tertera kenapa tidak bisa ya??soa;nya mau book