14 February 2017


Are you ready for some fun while you dine? Cause that is what this place is all about! Here's Genesis Bistro & Sports Bar at Kelapa Gading, yeap, sports bar! Not that kind of sports though, it's the indoor dart and billiard kind of sports. I'd say pool but it might be misunderstood, so I called it billiard instead..lol!

01 February 2017


It's the first ever McCafe that is in a separate building with McDonald's! Here's the McCafe at TB Simatupang, yeap, if you haven't realized, all McCafes are usually inside McDonald's. This one is made especially for those who just wants a relaxing coffee time while enjoying some lite bites!

31 January 2017


Yes, it's that Jakarta Aquarium that people have been waiting for, the one inside Neo Soho! We bought the ticket at Central Park's bazaar for IDR 75K and it's said to be for the exclusive preview. When we bought the ticket, we were told that in the exclusive preview, most of the aquarium will have been completed aside from some of their shows and events but in reality, it's more of most of the aquarium is not even half completed! :(


Calling all you lovebirds out there! Valentine is coming and here's a list to help you plan your perfect Valentine's date for the upcoming February! We got this idea when we were doing a live on Instagram (yes, we can do that now!), some requested these recommendations, so here are a list from Lulabyspoon!

We'd recommend that you book the place first, since we're afraid that some of these restaurants will be full booked for Valentine's. We believe that you don't need to go out as a couple only for Valentine's, you can go with friends as well. As long as you have fun, it's all that matters, right?

These are just a quick review, so if you want a more detailed information you can click on the title that will lead you to our blog post. Let's get started;


Hi hi! Yes, we're back with one of those guide-type of post, since we hope that this will somehow help you, especially when you're traveling without a tour guide because I'd definitely appreciate this kind of posts when I don't know where to go. Here's some culinary guidance when you're in Malang! I guess Malang is a place with not so many recreational areas, so my only entertainment is their foods..lol! Malang here is pretty close to Batu with only 45 minutes of distance by car. Now Batu is a completely different story, there are definitely a lot of recreational area in Batu to the point that people would call it a tourist city! There's Jawa Timur Park 1; where it's more like an amusement park, Jawa Timur Park 2; inside is filled with animals museum and Batu Secret Zoo, also Eco Green Park, Transportation Museum, Batu Night Spectacular also known as BNS, Paralayang Hill (Omah Kayu), and much much more! Not only those recreational but the foods are also good, though not as many variant as Malang when it comes to foods!

Let's start with Malang, shall we?