30 August 2016


To those who loves Chinese food, you're probably familiar about this restaurant, since they're pretty popular. Located at Sawah Besar, they've just got renovated! It's said to used to be a small and very old-school Chinese, now it became way more modern with a better choice of colors, without getting rid of that family restaurant feeling, nice!


This place has just opened last month and it's already surrounded with families! Well, this kind of foods is a typical family type foods, so I guess it's no wonder. It's called Holyduck and located in Pantai Indah Kapuk, though you need to pay attention when you're searching for this place in daylight, since the sign is white colored!

29 August 2016


Again another one has opened in Pantai Indah Kapuk! Keep an eye out people, cause I think this area will get lots and lots of newcomers and not only in F&B but also their residence! This time it's a Thai cuisine located in line with Saine Daise, called LARB. They have a 10% discount as their opening promotion, only until this 31st of August!


Okay, this is officially the best shabu-shabu I've ever tasted in Jakarta! The quality of the meat really says it all, just look at those marbling! Getting the opportunity to try this place is really a blessing! This amazing place is called Shabu Shabu Gen and it's part of Les Amis Group, located in The Plaza on the 46th floor, where Altitude and others are!


To those who's been to Singapore, this is probably something you're very familiar with, it's Singapore's famous street food bak chor mee and now it's available in Jakarta! Yeah!! H5 used to sell bak chor mee as well but since they've closed down, the only spot to find it is here, called Yong He Noodle, I really hope that this one will stand still!