28 February 2017


Welcoming yet another new coffee shop in town! This time the location is a bit unique though, it's at Grogol, right across of Trisakti University. Bottlenose here is located in a shop designed with containers called PHX and in this area, there are a lot of other small shops filled with foods!

JIA Shangri-La Jakarta

Who's ready for a great Chinese cuisine? I know we are! It's funny how as we grow older we find that having a feast with friends are best held at a Chinese restaurant..lol! I guess we are starting to become more like our parents?

27 February 2017


Rock Papr Scsr here is actually in the same group as Wilshire and Bottega. Located in GF floor of The East Tower, Mega Kuningan. Had quite the hard time in finding the place because the signage is not located on the front entrance where passerby can easily see it. My suggestion is try finding a nameless restaurant..lol!

The grand opening was on February 8th but they've opened their doors since January, so I guess it's already a month old.


New restaurant alert!! It's called Eight Treasures and located in Plaza Indonesia, it's already pretty popular for their signature dish, which is the hanged red meat. Keep in mind that there are 2 restaurants with similar names, this one is Eight Treasures in Plaza Indonesia while the other is Eight Treasures in Daan Mogot's Ibis Hotel!

It's one the 4th floor, near the salon area of PI. The foods are pretty pricey but the have a lot of interesting set menus that will save you a few rupiahs. Not everything in the menu is overly priced though as there are affordable ones like their Chinese food but it was sold out when we came here, so we went with the meats!

25 February 2017


Calling all women (or family actually) that has spent years dining in Tan Goei, now they've created a new and improved concept! Tan Goei here used to be located near Maple and Oak but has moved to across of Lara Djonggrang, still in Menteng area actually and changed their name to Heritage by Tan Goei!