16 January 2020


First ever article in 2020 falls onto... MYANMAR!!! WKWKWKW if you've been following me, you'd have known I went here in November 2019, but I could only find time to write just now huehehe. It's such a rare destination for people, and I was even shocked to go on this random trip together with my college friends! Three of us went here for a week trip, a not (too) torturing budget trip, per se! So the general itinerary is Jakarta - Malaysia (transit) - Yangon - Bagan - Mandalay - Thailand (transit) - Jakarta. We didn't have any solid itinerary, so we just kinda winged it but it doesn't mean the trip's no fun! Find out more! Scroll scroll, let's roll!

We start from exchanging rupiah to kyat. We didn't exchange in Indonesia because NOBODY sells kyat, so we did so at Yangon Airport. 1 kyat = <10 rupiah. 

19 November 2019


HOWDY! Unlike the usual fun-related Cindy, today I want to tell you about this mind blowing event I went earlier this week: The use of styrofoam (polystyrene) box for takeaway food. IF you've been following the news for the past years, there has been debate about whether this box is safe food containers. This time, I was accompanied (and enlightened) by not only Dr. Akhmad Zainal Abidin, Msc., PhD., which is the head researcher of Laboratory of Technology in Polymer and Membrane in Insititut Teknologi Bandung, but also Chef Lucky Andreono, the first winner of Master Chef Indonesia!

02 November 2019


OMGMGMGMGMG FINALLY THE RESTAURANT I'VE BEEN WAITING FOR TO OPEN IS FINALLY HERE!!! SO. HAPPY. GOSH. GOD. I've been waiting for months ever since seeing their logo at Mall Taman Anggrek, and apparently their first branch opened at GANDARIA CITY! It literally just opened yesterday: November 1st 2019 and I'm such a HUGE fan of this place that I just went right away! In case you didn't know, this place is one of my favorites in Singapore (knock-knock! Have you read Sindi in Sinjiapo? There you go!) for they don't only boast taste, but also the wonderful service (they literally changed my phone's screen guard. Read the full article on that link for my full testimony!)

Ok! Since I've tried the one in Singapore so I automatically compare EVERYTHING I tried here from that wonderful experience THERE. The expectation was sky high since it's my personal favorite (imagine me being too full YET still going there every single time I visit Singapore just because it's that worth it!) In SG it'll cost you around 100 SGD per person but I assure you it's worth every penny. So how about Jakarta's branch? Let's start!

01 August 2019


FINALLY cleaning up cobs of spiders' web in this blog! Sheesh! A round of applause for this update please uwu WKWKWWK! Since I'm a lone ranger who works personally as a freelance as well, it's sometimes really tough to find a time to post my blog. 24 hours a day aren't enough, don't you think? I do spend a lot of time to get my butt to the gym (compensating the foodie calorie! Remember, health is the best investment!) work, quality time with my inner circle, and.... my boyfriend. He he he. Different from the Instagram, I have a lot of stories to tell here!

Nah, this article would specifically talk about my personal list of recommendation for best food and boba in one of our favorite short getaway destinations (other than Bali, ya ya ya): SINGAPORE! You can see it on my Instagram highlight, but as usual, here's the overall experience and review!
Buckle up ah~!

30 April 2019


Hi guys! Cindy is high in blogging spirit! Since the holy month is approaching and some of you might be considering a short escape, let me give you an unusual recommendation! This one is actually for mainly people in Jakarta who are up for a Central Java road trip (Semarang-Solo-Salatiga), which is kinda uncommon since it's a further drive from Bandung, yet there aren't much information about this compared to Bromo in East Java, Bandung culinary, or Borobudur in Yogyakarta. Anyway, thanks to the netijen's demand for me to write about this, the post is on! Ok NOT thanks to them, because most of the polls were for highlights. Well I did put it on my highlight, but for those of you who'd like to know the details of the journey as I also enjoy to tell the story, here's it! Hope it helps and enjoy reading!


The food here are crazy cheap, and if you're from Jakarta you'd be as impressed! This Nasi Ayam was IDR 10,000 a portion ckckck. Portion is not that gigantic, but mind you this is not Nasi Kucing either, so for me it was good enough! Default consists of half egg, rice, shredded chicken, tofu, and lodeh with squash. Central Java is mainly about sweet flavor, a bit like Yogyakarta as this is the local taste, so if you're into savory, this might stretch your comfort zone! Place doesn't have AC, of course, and you get to pick all kind of satay on your table such as clams, skins, etc!

23 April 2019


QUEEN B (ok let's not anger the Beyhive, B stands for BOBA) SPEAKING! The brown sugar boba craze is happening everywhere despite it having been around forever (remember Hop-Hop and Quickly? They were pioneers!) Now with a groundbreaking (not so) ingredient: Brown Sugar! It's not a country wide hype, but it goes deep into the Asian culture. If the western culture has coffee, we've got BOBA! The pioneers of this BobaBoom would be Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Thailand to name a few, that even my friend who lives outside Asia is aware of it yet told me that the visuals don't look convincing and horrified with the fact that I drink these so often LOLLL! But let's see!! 

This'll be quick and condensed since there are still lots of other brand I haven't tried yet! Thanks to netijen's demand to KNOW which one is the CHAMP, let me give you my personal ranking! Anyway, this list is completely personal and HONEST, because no brand pays me for writing this review AT ALL. Awas lo julid komen endorse2 WKWKWKWK kidding, hope our taste matches!

19 April 2019


 I'm PSYCHED to finally be able to share more about travel again after a while. WOOT! You must've been dying to know all about it, haven't you? There, there, everything will be revealed HERE! An end to the unanswered DMs so that all of you will read through this blog post! So first of allll, it's my first time doing solo traveling! Alright, not totally solo because I joined a tour, again, but yes, I was by myself and the rest of the group are strangers I only came to know during the travel. The others are also mainly family, and my main concern would of course be the photographer. Who'd be taking my photos?! So I had to muster my courage and ask for anyone to do it. It was a lot of trouble because I had to do heavy editing on each pic, but everything turned out fine thanks to technology! Also, later on I found out that my tour leader's first impression of me was this freak who's up for a pilgrim alone! Meanie, but I did want to go to Egypt so bad! All in all, the bucket list is checkedd!!

Alright, let's start one by one! So in this trip I went to 3 countries: EGYPT, ISRAEL, JORDAN, in a total of 12 days including the flight. I just knew Egypt is included in Africa, so I have in a kind of way been to Africa (outskirts)! I flew with Oman Air. Jakarta - Muscat (Oman) for transit - Cairo. Total time spent in flight would be 12 hours, excluding transit time that differs on each trip. Brace yourselves!