29 August 2018


HOWDY! So if you've been keeping up with my Instagram, you'll somehow get to this realization to my insatiable wanderlust. Traveling opens up my mind as I didn't take it only as a luxurious refreshment. I get to meet new people, learn their culture, grasp new knowledge, there's just always... something new. Something different. Honestly, I just get bored really quickly, so I always need stimulation! HA! It doesn't mean I'm bored at my work in food industry though, I just feel the urge to develop myself and grow through new experience, and I'm grateful that being a freelancer, I get to manage my own time! Soooo, here I am gifting this trip to myself for my birthday! HAHAHA! But anyway this is a steal since my friend owns a place in Christchurch, villa in Queenstown, and a car, so we saved a lot from just that!

06 August 2018


So Fashion Cafe has finally opened in Indonesia!! August 3rd was their soft opening, and it's located at Mall Taman Anggrek's 2nd floor, beside Bakmi GM, just below Din Tai Fung! The same owner who opened the shop in Taiwan has now opened the same quality, non-franchised retail branch here, where they opened both So Fashion Cafe Indonesia and So Hot Stone Hot Pot! This place is owned by the same group, just 2 brands in different concepts! Both are cute though; So Hot Stone Hot Pot (a la carte shabu-shabu place, if you're wondering) is more baby bluish, if this one is pinkish.

Disclaimer: this post is not really reviewing about the food, since I tried So Hot Stone Hot Pot when I visited this place. But seeing a cute, pinkish place like this, why shouldn't I share it? If you're curious, pay a visit and tell me about it!

18 July 2018


This time, let's talk about MALDIVES!! YEPP, the infamous honyemoon destination for like everyone in the whole wide world. Unfortunately, I didn't go there with my boyfriend :') Well, it didn't matter since I saw a lot of people going with their friends, or even alone! I feel as though I saw Maldives only through a stereotype. Anyway, this post is going to be more brief, cutting the chase unlike my day to day post in Turkey, which hopefully will be easier to read and enjoy, yet informative at the same time! Have fun!

15 June 2018


Sooo who does #ButuhPiknik during the Ramadan holiday yet is unable to go out of Jakarta?? Because I'm one of them!! I wanted to go traveling again but since it's high season, practically everything is pricey. SO SAD HUH?! Anyway, I spent the holiday in Jakarta, and fortunately, there's a place that satisfied my wanderlust for quite a bit, called Pinik at Arif Inn!


Did you know that there's such a hidden paradise called Plataran Menteng?? I had no idea why haven't I ever visited this place despite the place having been opened for 2 years. I felt like missing out! When you see its exterior, you wouldn't imagine that the place would be this spacious. It's a house that's gotten major interior makeover. 3 stories. Let's take a tour!

08 June 2018


Aren't you tired of me telling you that there's yet another new place? The development of retail and F&B in Jakarta is just insane! This place in Tanjung Duren is called Onni House. A hidden paradise missed by the eyes of passerbys! Anyway, the place isn't exactly located in the main road, so just look it up on your GPS! Parking was a bit of a challenge since it's located near KFC Tanjung Duren. They have been doing this florist-restaurant concept, but since the place already looks like a garden, I guess everyone assumed they're just a florist! There should have been writings stating that they have seats available, because what they're doing is ground breaking. 

07 June 2018


There's always something new in PIK!! This one's crazy and I was SUPER excited to go to this place!! Why, you'd ask? BECAUSE THE PLACE IS JUST SO PRETTY! Gosh I'm flabbergasting! Look at this! Living up to its name, The Garden holds an entirely new concept of interior to the saturated, industrial and minimalist restaurants in Jakarta. This one is festive, but put in a good order.

It's located so close to Kanpai! So if you're headed from Puri area, the place will be on your left. Anyway, it's not really a secret that the owner of this place is also... the owner of Kanpai and Sushi Hiro. Talk about a brand portfolio! Anyway, have you set your bar up high? Because that's what they've done in their past projects, so did I expect for this! Let's find out!