12 March 2017


Today we're sharing about something different. It's not the usual restaurant review but a chocolate brand! Yay for chocolates! The brand is from PT. Sukanda Djaya, called Cacao Barry and it has been here since 1842. Their strength lies in sourcing origin countries' cocoa beans, working intimately with cocoa producers and selecting the best & appropriate beans for chocolate recipes and now, they're launching a "new generation" chocolate with a pure and intense taste of cocoa, the 3 purity from nature couverture chocolate; Ocoa, Alunga, and Inaya!

11 March 2017


It's finally March! Why are we excited you ask? Well, because in this month, we'll be going on a lot of vacations! Yes, not just one trip, but several, check out our instagram if you're interested in following us on our holidays. No, we won't be going together but on a separate trip, so if you wanna know each of our trips, find us on each of our own instagrams!
That's our quick heads-up, so now let's get back to business. Today we'll be sharing about Ginzamaru, which used to be where Sumibian was at Pantai Indah Kapuk. Don't really know if the owner is still the same or not but they both have grills and Ginzamaru here has more Japanese foods. If you still have no idea where this is, it's in line with PIK's market!

28 February 2017


Welcoming yet another new coffee shop in town! This time the location is a bit unique though, it's at Grogol, right across of Trisakti University. Bottlenose here is located in a shop designed with containers called PHX and in this area, there are a lot of other small shops filled with foods!

JIA Shangri-La Jakarta

Who's ready for a great Chinese cuisine? I know we are! It's funny how as we grow older we find that having a feast with friends are best held at a Chinese restaurant..lol! I guess we are starting to become more like our parents?

27 February 2017


Rock Papr Scsr here is actually in the same group as Wilshire and Bottega. Located in GF floor of The East Tower, Mega Kuningan. Had quite the hard time in finding the place because the signage is not located on the front entrance where passerby can easily see it. My suggestion is try finding a nameless restaurant..lol!

The grand opening was on February 8th but they've opened their doors since January, so I guess it's already a month old.