30 April 2017


Tugu Kunstring here is a restaurant, hotel, art gallery, and bar, all made into one! Located at Menteng area on a hook of the road. It's been here for 2-3 years and is just simply gorgeous! The interior just screams royalty and a pretty detailed one at that! From the same group as Tugu hotel in Malang, Lombok, Bali, and Blitar, which also includes Lara Djonggrang, Dapur Babah, Shanghai Blue. Fyi, if you want to just go sight seeing without dining in, it's fine too, so don't be shy!


Are you ready to indulge yourself in some chocolatey goodness? This is a place where you'll be craving hard for chocolates, it's Moreau at Kemang! Saw this on a random post on Instagram and set our minds to come and try it! How can you not when you see these, just read on and you'll understand why!


The name Common Grounds is probably something you're already familiar with as it is to us. Yes, this is that Common Grounds from Citywalk and it has finally reached the West! Yay for us! They have step foot into the newly opened mall, Neo Soho, right across Central Park. Now I know where to get my proper coffee and brunch!


Most people in Jakarta loves a good Nasi Padang because of the strong flavors and very affordable price for a huge portion. You can also add more sauce for free, it's no wonder everyone loves it! Here's a newcomer in that area called Padang Merdeka and they've opened at Kota Tua. It's a newborn local brand, so you won't find it elsewhere. It's kind of too bad that they are not allowed to put a signage tho, since it's the general rule of Kota Tua. Got a bit of difficulties trying to promote the restaurant, so for you who has read this post, please do spread the word and location! They're located at Jl. Lada No. 1, right across of BNI Kota Tua before the station. Exact position is on the right side of the road and when you find a red gate that says "Lada No. 1", go straight in and you'll find Padang Merdeka there. Don't worry about parking lots, just go to the closed gate, if you said you're going to eat there, they'll gladly open them for you and let me tell you, the space inside is pretty huge!

28 April 2017


A celebration for all carnivores out there! AB Steak has finally opened in Jakarta, on 23rd April 2017 to be exact and it was only for dinner (06:30 pm - 10:30 pm) and you need to book your seat. I don't really know if it's going to be like that permanently or just for the time being. Sorry all.. anyways, this place is NOT an all you can eat as there are some who asked about that. It's an ala carte just like Akira Back, the chef is also from Akira Back and even on the same building as Akira Back, at MD Building, Kuningan, Mezzanine floor (just 1 floor away from the lobby)!

AB Steak here is a modern steakhouse with Korean accent!