24 June 2017


The second hot soba shop that has entered Jakarta after Yamatoten, here's Kabuto Mazesoba! Located in line with Warung Mevvah at Pantai Indah Kapuk. I personally find this yummy! The savory salty type of soba, just the way I like it and suits my taste better than Kokoro!

21 June 2017


Hope you're ready for some classy high quality Japanese dining, cause we got an amazing chance to try a Japanese restaurant at JW Marriott called Asuka Japanese Dining! Asuka here used to only serve a la carte but just this month, they've created a buffet Sunday sake lunch called Nichi Yobi and that is what we're going to try!

31 May 2017


Yeap, you read right, we got to attend the press conference of the Iron Chef Indonesia! Does anyone know what Iron Chef is? If you don't, we'll share a little here. It's a cooking face off type of TV program. First appearance made in Japan in 1993 to 1999 and spread like a wildfire to other countries like America, Australia, to England..and now, RCTI has successfully brought the program to Indonesia! Whoop whoop!

In Iron Chef Indonesia, they're going to bring together the pros in culinary world to challenge on 1 of the 3 Iron Chefs! Yes, all the famous chefs that you might heard of will most probably stand here to face the Iron Chefs, sounds exciting, huh? Well, actually the program has aired since 22nd of April 2017 and how blessed are we to be able to personally meet the 3 Iron Chefs and even get a taste of their special creations! Let's meet these Iron Chefs, shall we?

30 May 2017


Hello from Tambolaka!! What's that you might ask? Well, it's a city in the Southwest of Sumba, which is also the name of the airport here. Sumba is a pretty small island but they have 2 airports here. 1 is the Tambolaka here and another in East Sumba. The biggest is the East Sumba, which city is called Waingapu, also the name of the airport! 

This time, I only went on a 4 days 3 nights trip but I've explored almost all of west to east Sumba! Both are a definite opposite of the other. East Sumba, Waingapu is definitely a way more modern city-like than Tambolaka, which is a more country-side with more nature. Can't wait to explore the beauty of this East Nusa Tenggara? Let's go!

I chose to go to Tambolaka from Bali and went back from Waingapu to Bali. The ticket costed me about IDR 2 mio and that's excluding my ticket from Jakarta to Bali. I guess in total it costed me IDR 3,5 mio or so, as expected since the east side of Indonesia is known to be expensive. :')

If you want to stay updated, be sure to use Telkomsel, as it's the only operator with a signal. When it comes to islands, Telkomsel has always been the best, though when you get into the deep Sumba, nothing will get you connected!


Welcome to paradise! Bali is definitely a paradise island that people will keep visiting! It's not only a tourist spot but also a place to just sit back and relax, from nature to cuisines, they have it best! Personally, though Bali is a quite small island in map, it definitely won't be enough to explore all with just a month because it is just so rich of everything! Probably the reason why so many decided to live in this paradise island!

Though we often went to Bali, we never reviewed anything about Bali in Lulabyspoon, so this time we decided to share something, this is called La Joya, Biu Biu! Why? Cause this place is super amazing! This is gonna be picture-y post cause we just want you to see how beautiful this place and picture speaks louder than words, so enjoy the view!

It's located a bit far from the city, in Balangan area and it'll take an hour to get here from Kuta. The road is very deserted with no signal what-so-ever. I went here using an online driver (but it's actually not allowed, so keep quite, kay?) and got a local as my driver, so we didn't get lost at all. Some of my friends came here using Waze and they totally got lost, so be sure to always ask around whenever you can if you're going here by yourself!