15 December 2018


Kapan nikah?
HAHAHA! NO It's NOT Bridestory's exhibition where only lovey-dovey couples can go to! It's the HALUU WORLD! Open for public 15th of December 2018, which isss TODAY!
Before we start, here's my wisdom time:
  • HTM weekend IDR 110k
  • HTM weekdays IDR 90k
  • You can book through @bookmyshowid but it's subject to tax and service.
  • Located in 5th floor of Plaza Indonesia
  • It'll be a one way journey, just as MOJA, you can't go back to previous installation
  • There's a time limit on each installation. SNAP SNAP OUT OF IT!
  • I suggest you to wear slippers/slip on, some requires you to put your shoes off!

14 December 2018


Alright, so I can finally confirm the rumor about the beauty of Austria. I'd say that it's MAJESTIC! It's not just a post-card destination where it looks good in the picture, but they have scenic natural landscape that's simply breathtaking. So this December I went to Eastern Europe (which you must've known if you've been following me on my instagram!). I went to 6 countries: Germany, Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, and Austria. None of these is below any standard, but since I love nature so much, what really touched my heart was Austria. I visited Salzburg, Hallstatt, and Innsbruck, where in Salzburg I only visited Mozart's residence and Mirabell Garden (where they shot Sound of Music), so it didn't leave much impression.

NAH! So what really stole my heart was Hallstatt (this one's plain beauty) and Innsbruck (a town surrounded by snowy mountain range!). Both are small town, but here I'll show you what these seemingly "small" town have to offer! Anyway, everything here was taken with iPhone only, so pardon me if the quality is not as good!

25 November 2018


It all started from a simple question from a friend: "Cin, mau jalan-jalan ga?" to which I asked, where? "China." So I instantly took up the offer! So this friend of mine happens to work at Red and White China Indonesia. To be honest, I didn't get what he was up to even after the initial meeting. All I knew was they do journalism while I also post my activities on social media. No info regarding who will be there and who will pick me up either. It all started so mysterious and I was DEAD INSECURE! All alone in a country I can't even speak the language of! But anyway I just went with it and found out all the details when I got to China - TALK ABOUT BEING RECKLESS!

Anyway, the host of this trip was CRI Online China. They are a media company that you can google of, inviting representatives from many country which are Serbia, USA, Ukraine, Australia, France, Thailand, Indonesia (me! hehe), Egypt, Korea, Nepal, Bangladesh. Our itinerary was Chang Chun - Yanbian (Yanji) - Helong - Beijing.

So these are the first (and last) friends I made during the trip. It's kinda like fate because since I landed in Changchun until I went home I only hung with them. They're from Boise, Idaho, United States of America. Coincidentally, our landing schedule was only different by 20 minutes, hence the early introduction. The left one is called Chad Chase, the one on the right would be Jonathan Conti!

Alright let's start the storytelling time! This trip would be more like a sharing of personal experience rather than itinerary list, since it's a media trip that consists of mostly cultural content. I'm even sure that only around 1% of the readers would be truly interested, so are you one of them? Keep reading or just scroll through the pictures if you're up for it :)

01 November 2018


It's museum time!! Except that this one is not your stereotypical educational historical museum but quite the opposite: interactive contemporary one! SO! Before we start. here's what you'd want to know:

29 October 2018


WOOT WOOT! Do you have any idea what we're going to have this time? If you, like most Indonesians, love spices, you must've tried one of these fine specimens:


Dining with the Star series is coming to an end and it would be a sad parting for me as I have been pampered with such mind blowing culinary experience every time I come! Ayana Jakarta has proven themselves to deliver the best as they have 2 venues: Rasa Restaurant with True Aussie's beef and Blue Terrace for its lamb selection! Let's start with Rasa!